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Free Finance Ebook – Get it now

free finance ebook

Free Finance Ebook

Free Finance Ebook – Learn the Basics

I have a treat for you today. I had the pleasure of speaking with Paul Merriman this week and wanted to share some content that he has available.

Paul is a retired financial advisor and also the author of several personal finance books including Financial Fitness Forever.

What I admire most about Paul is that he loves to teach and share. He is also retired so 100% of the money he earns through book sales and royalties goes directly to his foundation dedicated to financial education.

I want to highlight two pieces of content.

But first..

Free Finance Ebook – Who Will Benefit Most from the Below Resources?

The content is mainly focused on personal finance. It is great for

  • People who don’t know much about finance
  • New investors
  • and retirees

If you know of such people, feel free to pass the message along.

101 Investment Decisions Guaranteed to Change Your Financial Future

Download a free copy of the book. It’s an easy read with 101 short pieces of personal finance advice.

It answers a truckload of questions that any new investor or retiree may have on their mind.

Sound Investing Podcast

Mr Merriman is  also the voice behind the Sound Investing podcast which you can also listen through iTunes.

Voted best podcast by Money in 2008, the podcast comes out weekly, with plans for 3 podcasts per week a little later in the year.

Some topics that the podcast covers include

  • How much higher can the market go?
  • Is it time to sell gold?
  • 10 things every investor should know
  • 2012 in review: how did my predictions do?
Great sound advice. Pass on this podcast and the free finance ebook.

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