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Another month has flown by and our bag of goodies continues to get bigger.

I’ll also share a sneak peek of what we working on, so keep reading.

Back in August, I shared how we added the following:

This time around, we added:

  • New Weekly email summary updates
  • New Notifications page to see filing status of stocks
  • New industry and DCF Discount Rate mappings
  • Portfolio fractional shares support
  • Use the same filter in the screener multiple times to really fine tune your results
  • Reworked out backend engine to make it stronger
  • Reduced spreadsheet load time by 66%
  • More background tweaks

New Weekly Email Summaries

From your account, go to Menu > Edit Profile, and turn on “Email weekly summaries”. You will get a neatly formatted list of what is going on in our universe of stocks, which ones are entering and leaving the A list.

A great way to sum up the week and conveniently keep an eye on your stocks or for new ideas.

You’ll get a report that looks like this.

OSV Weekly  Summary Email

OSV Weekly Summary Email – Sample

If you have advice on what type of list you want to see in these weekly summaries, leave a comment or send me an email.

New Notifications

Always easiest if you check it live yourself.

If you turn on “Your Stocks” button, you’ll see the status of your stocks saved in your portfolios. This way you can keep up to date with what has been filed.

If for whatever reason, your stock has not been updated, check this page and then send a message and we’ll see what the status is.

New Dynamic Discount Rate and Industry Mappings

The biggest way OSV differs to other services is how we focus on valuation and making it easy to enter and adjust assumptions so you can focus on more important things.

  • Not on figuring out how to wrap your head around complex models
  • Not on deciding what discount rate to use
  • and certainly not wasting time on copying and pasting data from this spreadsheet to the next

We now dynamically update the discount rates in the DCF model, based on Prof Damodaran’s data sheet.

Rather than use a default hard coded discount rate, we’ve expanded and mapped all the stocks to fit inside this data spec. After all, different industries require different hurdle rates.

Same goes for the industry.

If you have any screens where you use industry as a filter, you’ll have to go back in and update the settings as old values have been erased. Select the industry based on the new naming conventions.

Sneak Preview of Portfolio Summary

One new section I’m eagerly awaiting is the release of portfolio summaries.

Every portfolio you create that contains a transaction will show a summary.

Here’s what it looks like with sample data.

Portfolio Summaries Coming Soon

Portfolio Summaries Coming Soon

You can have all the data you want, but if it’s hard to view and interpret, it’s meaningless.

Our goal is to make each feature intuitive and shorten your investing process.

Don’t forget that Google is shutting down their portfolio feature in Google Finance mid Nov of 2017.

Make sure to export your portfolios and then import them to OSV ✌️. 

New Free Stock Added (Facebook)

Facebook is now free to use on the demo. All data is real and up to date. You can run all valuations, check ratios, quality models, verify financials and more.

Type in FB or facebook and see it in action.

Check out the live preview of AMZN, MSFT, BAC, AAPL, FB and RHI.

What is Old School Value?

Old School Value is a suite of value investing tools designed to fatten your portfolio by identifying what stocks to buy and sell.

It is a stock grader, value screener, and valuation tools for the busy investor designed to help you pick stocks 4x faster.

Check out the live preview of AMZN, MSFT, BAC, AAPL and FB.

Pick Winning Stocks and Fatten Your Portfolio