Pending Mergers and Spreads – Feb 05

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Reader requested list update.

SymbolAnnounced DateClosing ValueLast PriceClosing DateProfitAnnualized Profit
ZICA2008-08-14$0.40$0.41Unknown-2.44 %0.00 %
DNA2008-07-21$86.50$81.88Unknown5.64 %0.00 %
FONR2008-11-14$5.00$0.84Unknown495.24 %0.00 %
NRG2008-10-19$26.43$24.56Unknown7.61 %0.00 %
MVG2008-12-02$4.54$6.05Unknown-24.96 %0.00 %
TLGD2008-11-18$5.50$5.77Unknown-4.68 %0.00 %
COWN2008-12-08$7.00$6.29Unknown11.29 %0.00 %
TRA2009-01-15$22.13$23.03Unknown-3.92 %0.00 %
FOR2009-01-22$15.00$10.55Unknown42.18 %0.00 %
HLND2009-01-15$9.50$9.00Unknown5.56 %0.00 %
HPGP2009-01-15$3.20$2.83Unknown13.07 %0.00 %
CVTX2009-01-27$16.00$15.60Unknown2.56 %0.00 %
APAC2009-02-02$1.61$1.51Unknown6.62 %0.00 %
ROH2008-07-10$78.00$54.812009-01-3142.31 %0.00 %
CPHL2008-08-05$14.20$13.482009-02-055.34 %0.00 %
PSD2007-10-26$30.00$29.852009-02-060.50 %183.42 %
EMAG2008-10-13$2.85$2.552009-02-1111.76 %715.69 %
BUF2008-12-22$0.12$0.122009-03-030.00 %0.00 %
ACBA2008-09-10$6.94$7.602009-03-31-8.67 %-58.58 %
ZIGO2008-10-16$6.56$5.922009-03-3110.80 %73.00 %
FRBK2008-11-10$7.65$7.302009-03-314.84 %32.74 %
DISK2008-11-20$2.75$0.862009-03-31219.77 %1485.47 %
WVCM2008-12-02$11.19$10.782009-03-313.80 %25.71 %
ANL2008-12-10$14.20$13.982009-03-311.57 %10.64 %
SCOP2008-12-23$5.62$5.472009-03-312.74 %18.54 %
IDEV2009-01-05$4.50$5.352009-03-31-15.89 %-107.39 %
EYE2009-01-12$22.00$21.852009-03-310.69 %4.64 %
ALDN2009-01-12$11.50$11.022009-03-314.36 %29.44 %
TARG2009-01-13$2.00$2.502009-03-31-20.00 %-135.19 %
BFBC2008-11-10$10.97$10.982009-03-31-0.05 %-0.37 %
WSTF2009-01-29$1.25$1.112009-03-3112.61 %85.25 %
PDGI2009-02-03$5.00$4.792009-03-314.38 %29.63 %
NTMD2009-01-27$0.80$0.752009-04-306.67 %28.97 %
IWOV2009-01-22$16.20$15.902009-06-221.89 %5.03 %
EQ2008-10-27$37.15$35.692009-06-304.10 %10.33 %
CYCL2008-11-07$8.50$8.222009-06-303.41 %8.57 %
ABNJ2008-12-15$9.02$10.082009-06-30-10.47 %-26.36 %
PBKS2008-12-19$6.68$6.412009-06-304.29 %10.79 %
AANB2009-01-02$2.50$2.282009-06-309.57 %24.09 %
SWIM2009-01-08$8.41$8.152009-06-303.20 %8.05 %
AVNX2009-01-27$2.01$1.802009-06-3011.53 %29.03 %
WYE2009-01-26$47.30$43.072009-10-319.83 %13.38 %

The list of pending mergers can be found at Merger Investing.

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9 responses to “Pending Mergers and Spreads – Feb 05”

  1. MKL says:

    Good Morning. Looking at DISK. What exactly does “not subject to a financing condition” mean?

  2. Andrei says:

    I know this post is concerning pending Mergers and their respective spreads but I was wondering if any of you have looked at KHD–It isn’t an m&a deal but they do have negative enterprise value–Just wondering what your thoughts are considering their emerging markets exposure and the potential for this company to be acquired.

    @MKL. I have been wondering the same thing MKL. DISK looks interesting on the surface with language like that which seems to suggest that the acquirers have the money to get the deal done. However, I found this businesswire release which makes it highly doubtful that anything will get done–http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20090129006396&newsLang=en

  3. MKL says:

    Andrei, thank you. I had not read that one, but I did read DISK’s news release which says essentially the same thing. Two aspects are not yet clear to me. One: DISK says in legal language that they feel it is in their stockholders’ best interests to pursue all avenues, including terminating the agreement and pursuing the $1.3M. Two: No word from Nyx. DISK has not said that they ARE terminating the agreement. They gave no indication of what it was they were observing when they were “actively monitoring Nyx’s efforts to secure the delivery of the additional $1.3M deposit.” It does not seem to me that they observed a COMPLETE inability or unwillingness to secure that $. They offered no criticism, no specific points, no injuring comment. They did offer ” If Nyx immediately delivers $1.3 million in immediately available funds and can reconfirm to our complete satisfaction that it has the ability to finance the transaction, then Nyx will no longer be considered in breach of the merger agreement” and further that then “The company will stand ready to close.” They used the words “immediately deliver the remaining $ from immediately available funds”. My guess is they are aware that the 1.3 is immediately available, but it’s not being turned over. My guess is Nyx is not turning it over because Nyx is not sure if they can or if they can’t complete the merger, and is waiting for more certainty.

  4. MKL says:

    I am also intrigued that James (genius) Simons’ Renaissance Technologies Corp added more (MFFAIS) to his holdings and hasn’t let go. Granted, he added more in November, but – he hasn’t let go as far as I can tell.

    I think Nyx had the certainty of being able to do this with no financing condition when it was initiated. I think Nyx might be more protective of its financing in these conditions, not unlike DOW.

    I will let you know when/if I find anything more conclusive.

  5. Andrei says:

    @MKL – yes please do let us know if you find anything else in reference to this $1.3M that is apparently in question. That may very well change the landscape for this deal. I am also wondering if Nyx isn’t trying to hold up the deal in order to see what happens with the Academy Award that the DISK film is up for later this month as i’m guessing an Oscar for a film would immediately increase the value of the deal.

  6. MKL says:

    Emerson Electric (EMR) wants to acquire Roxar (ROX) (a Norwegian company) currently at US$0.22 for approximately US$0.735.


    I am just keeping an eye on it, no money. I’m awfully conservative guarding my capital after EMAG.

  7. MKL says:

    I am so sorry. ROX is not US$0.22. That is a completely different company. Can’t find the Norwegian one.

  8. Jae,

    I have just started to take a look at the AT&T-Centennial Deal?

    Do you have any thoughts on this pending merger?

    Tristan Luckett

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