[VIDEO] Food Technology Service (VIFL) Valuation

by Dan Myers

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Hi, Jae here.

Don’t mean to intrude on Dan’s post but wanted to include an introduction.

Food Technology Services (VIFL) is a company that I also looked into a couple of years ago. I didn’t write anything on it, but valueuncovered.com did a good job of writing about the business.

In hindsight, the valuation was off, but the idea and logic was there.

Watch and listen to the new video created by Daniel Myers of Azazel Capital and his explanation of the business and valuation and what he thinks of it as an investment.

Next time, I hope to take some notes and post it along with the video for you to follow along easier. There has been good feedback for a few of you so thanks for commenting.

Don’t forget to visit his YouTube channel to stay up to date with his video updates.

Food Technology Services Business and Valuation Video

VIFL video part 1

VIFL video part 2

VIFL video part 3

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