Forbes Best Small Companies: Part 5

This is a continuation of my search for the best small companies from the 200 listed in Forbes 2008.

You can refer to the previous results here: 1-15 | 16-32 | 33-70 | 71-130 | 131-160 | 161-200

The companies ranked 131-160 has yielded 9 results. This is the first time I’ve come across these companies and there are some interesting businesses here definitely worth a second look.


  1. Jack Henry & Associates (JKHY) – provides data processing systems for banks and finance companies
  2. Heico (HEI) – makes replacement parts for jet engines
  3. Heartland Express (HTLD) – provides nationwide transportation services to major shippers
  4. LoJack (LOJN) – makes stolen vehicle tracking and recovery systems
    • Seems to be very oversold from a quantitative standpoint.
  5. Circor International (CIR) – develops instrumentation and thermal fluid control products
  6. Rimage (RIMG) – makes compact disc production and duplication equipment
  7. Haemonetics (HAE) – makes automated blood processing systems
  8. Universal Electronics (UEIC) – makes universal remote controls for home devices
  9. Healthcare Services Group (HCSG) – provides housekeeping and laundry services to nursing homes



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