[Video] Oracle (ORCL) Valuation

by Dan Myers

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Here is another set of valuation videos with this one focusing on Oracle (ORCL).

Watch the videos to learn more about valuing stocks and what to look for when valuing stocks.

Easy to watch, listen and follow along with.

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8 responses to “[Video] Oracle (ORCL) Valuation”

  1. Richard Gordon says:

    Really enjoyed the analysis on Oracle. Your video helped me understand stuff I wasn’t even aware of…. always learning. Many thanks for your contribution to my knowledge.

  2. Daniel Nino says:

    Thanks fot the interesting video! Will your spreadsheets be available for Mac users soon?

  3. Thanks for the video too.

    As for mac version. It is in the works. Still lots of testing to go through.

  4. Gammastyle says:

    I enjoyed doing it. I want to thank Jae for an awesome tool. I appreciate the feedback as well. As you said, we’re always learning. If anyone has any other companies they think would be good candidates for this, plesae let me know.

  5. Jason Graves says:

    Your reasoning for adding the acquisitions to cap ex seems valid as long as the acquisitions that are added are in fact R&D style acquisitions (some might not be). Thats where more knowledge of the industry & company needs to be applied.
    CISCO would be another company where this treatment of acquisitions would be relevant.
    I ‘ve never seen this technique used. Its great for tightening up the numbers.
    Great tip, thanks.

  6. Gammastyle says:

    I did look at a list of the companies Oracle has acquired over the years and they do appear to be companies that could be considered “R&D”. For example, they bought a company that does insurance databases and medical one. I would say these are databases that they would have had to develop (R&D) to enter those markets. You are right though that you can’t just lump all acquisitions in this number.

  7. Daniel Nino says:

    ok thanks!

  8. Jason Graves says:

    Interesting… thanks for the follow up.

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