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Researched and backtested predefined value stock screens

OSV value investing stock screens performances 1999-2016

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Overview of our FREE value stock screener

Each value stock screen provided on this website is for educational purposes. The screens have been researched, backtested and also tested with a paper portfolio to verify the theory and results. These are all customized screening strategies that you would not be able to find on sites such as Yahoo, Zacks or Google.

Each stock screen is predefined. This means that you cannot adjust values to create new results. What you see is what you get.

To create your own powerful value screens, play with the demo and sign up to start using it today.

The screens cross several categories/strategies, namely:

  • Asset based screeners
  • Valuation based screeners
  • Cash Flow based screens
  • Profitability based screeners
  • Quality and Value based screens
  • Share count based screens

New value screens are researched and tested but will only be included when it proves to be successful.

The stock screens are updated roughly once a week. Companies do not enter and exit the results quickly so it is not necessary to update it every day.

How to use the value screens

Select any screen from the left menu to view the full details.

Stock results are limited to 50 stocks to offer a wide array of ideas you can filter through.

You can save the screen results to your computer by clicking on the "download results" link located on each screener page.

Value stock screen settings

Each stock screen will have references to articles previously written discussing the performance and how the screen was set up. However, the screens are continually tweaked and improved upon for optimal performance.

Every adjustment may not result in a better performing screen, but stability, reliability and accuracy are just as important which is what I am aiming for.

Use the articles as references only. Do not take it as the holy grail of the screens you see here.

Frequently asked questions about the screeners

Are these the premium screeners?

No. These are free and pre-defined screeners that we shared since 2010. Our premium value stock screener allows you to create your own value centric screener using metrics and data you cannot get anywhere else. The results are easier to interpret and quicker to analyze with the help of our Action Score which has returned over 20% CAGR in backtests.

How often are the screens updated?

Once a week. Usually at the start of the week but no set time.

How long are the positions held?

The official stats that are tracked hold positions for 1 year to reduce taxes and fees. It's unrealistic to rebalance 20 stocks monthly. Don't believe performance charts from other sites that claim 2000% returns. They are not realistic. All screens listed on Old School Value, factor in fees, slippage, max holding size of 5% and other details to simulate a live portfolio.

How many stocks are held?


Can the OSV Analyzer screen a list of stocks or the market index?

Yes. OSV Online offers stock screeners specially built for value investing. You can create custom screens using value focused metrics and ratios unavailable in other places. We place a heavy emphasis on using off-the-street fundamental analysis and accounting methods to discover hidden stocks.