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Automatically Analyze and Value Stocks with the Stock Analysis Software to Save Time and Make Better Decisions in the Market

  • Automatic Stock Analysis like the pros
  • Easily perform complex valuations
  • Quickly identify undervalued stocks
  • Profit with better stock selections
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Invest with Confidence and Grow Your Wealth

Analyze Companies Faster and Save Time

Manually gathering and entering data into a spreadsheet is frustrating, time consuming and error prone.

What's more, you end up wasting your time with calculations that should be completed quickly and easily.

But if you enjoy mundane data entry and calculating everything by hand, this is not for you.

Old School Value aims to help you analyze stocks quickly and confidently. You should focus your time on important qualitative research.

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Transparent Stock Value Calculators and Models

View all the formulas and customize it for yourself because the Stock Analysis Software is 100% unlocked.

We do not hide behind "proprietary algorithms" and other mumbo jumbo.

Investing should be transparent and that is what your fundamental Stock Analaysis Software will live up to. You can see for yourself all the numbers and details used in every stock analysis.

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Make Objective and Disciplined Decisions

Avoid investing in overpriced stocks by making disciplined and objective decisions on when to buy and sell.

The Stock Analyzer will provide you with a systemaic foundation for analyzing, valuing and making stock buying decisions.

Stop buying overpriced or low quality companies and invest with more discipline and confidence.

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Cost Effective Access to Financial Data and Rich Valuation Tools

For as little as $20 a month, gain access to 10 years of financial data imported directly to the Stock Analyzer.

Instead of wasting days, weeks or months building your own models, the Stock Analyzer Software is ready to go with over 13 stock analysis models.

Start saving time and money today and put it towards your investments.

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Loved by Value Investors and Professionals

Used by retail investors, investment managers and stock analysts around the world
I have taken the stock analysis software and added a bunch of my favorite formulas. For once, I feel like I can stay up-to-date with the companies I own, as well as also study the myriad of interesting opportunities.
Hewitt Heiserman

Author, It's Earnings That Count

OSV has built some amazing stock analysis tools for you. They come with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. When you’re ready to save time and upgrade your own models, get the stock analysis software.
Joe Ponzio

Author, F Wall Street