balance sheet ratios
20 Balance Sheet Ratios for Fundamental Analysis

We go through 20 must know balance sheet ratios.

Each one of these ratios should be in your arsenal for any fundamental analysis and interpretation.

Understand how topics like solvency ratios, Cash Conversion Cycle, and Debt-Equity ratios play a role in determining the health of a business.

Free download also available as a companion to the article.

best free stock portfolio tracking spreadsheet
Best Free Stock Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet

A comprehensive google spreadsheet to track your portfolio. Copy it to your account. Automatically pulls in stock prices along with useful charts to analyze your portfolio.

changes in working capital, owner earnings and free cash flow
Changes in Working Capital, Owner Earnings and FCF

A breakdown of changes in working capital. How Buffett defines it and how to use it for valuation. Includes a free spreadsheet download to complement the article.

cash flow ratios for investing
7 Cash Flow Ratios Every Investor Should Know

A list of ratios based on the cash flow statement that every value investor should know. Combine with the balance sheet ratios for power fundamental analysis.

How to Value Stocks with Ben Graham Formula
How to Value Stocks with the Ben Graham Formula

Learn how to value stocks using a simple formula created by Ben Graham. A quick way to estimate the range of a stock for value investors using growth numbers. Download the companion Graham formula spreadsheet.

does the magic formula work
Does the Magic Formula Work?

Joel Greenblatt created and wrote about the legendary Magic Formula. Here's our independent research to test verify whether the Magic Formula works in this day and age. The results will surprise you.

How Warren Buffett interprets financial statements
How Warren Buffett Interprets Financial Statements

A guide to understand and interpret the financial statements. Discusses how Warren Buffett uses it to identify stocks and moats. Refer to the table at the end that summarizes the entire discussion.

Worried About the Market? Protect Yourself with Valuation.

What You’ll Learn

– Why value investing is hard when the market keeps going up
– The type of noise you need to to ignore
– What type of advice to listen to
– Why valuation is key to any investment success

common investing mistakes
Common Investing Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague

I’ve written about this before, and seeing as how I’m the least perfect investor, allow me to share some of my common investing mistakes.

It’s time to confess.

My Common Investing Mistakes You Should Avoid

How to Value Stocks Using Absolute PE Model

What You Will Learn
– How to Value Stock Like a PRO Using the Absolute PE Model
– How to Apply the Core Principles of the PE Model and Stop Relying on Relative Valuations
– What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the PE Model and Why You should Know it

Facebook is Not Worth $169

What You’ll Learn
– News about Cambridge Analytica is non-material to FB as an investment.
– 2 fundamental indicators showing just how strong FB is.
– A look at the different valuation methods used to show whether FB is a buy or not.

Click to read more…

Old School Value Nugget Fest (Mar 13th Edition)

Plane rides are super uncomfortable but I enjoy it because it’s the occasional chance where there are no distractions.

No pinging, no buzzing, no email, no internet. Nothing. Great time to catch up on some reading while on the plane to Chicago this weekend. The book for this flight was “Good Stocks Cheap”.

Let me tell you what’s good about it.

Old School Value Nugget Fest (Mar 6th Edition)

You’d think that as you get older, you’ll get wiser and learn from your mistakes. Seems that line of thinking is also wrong and part of the problem. I look at the companies around me that I use daily, or think I know really well, and continually fail to invest in.

Tilson’s presentation (2nd link) really brought this to light. The irony is that the everyday people who aren’t looking to scrutinize every minor detail, are the ones who buy into great companies much earlier and better than most value investors. 🤔

How to Use the Cash Conversion Cycle to Analyze Stocks

What You’ll Learn

– What type of deep insight you get analyzing cash conversion cycles
– How to interpret and compare the CCC ratio
– The effect of negative cash conversion cycle
– Does the CCC affect stock prices?
– Analyzing COST vs WMT vs TGT vs BIG

Free resources to discover

Download 3 free stock calculator spreadsheets following the methods we use for our DCF, Grahams Formula and DuPont Analysis.

Understand the value of a stock as well as a deeper dive into how ROE is calculated.


value stock screener pre-defined list

Download a PDF of an independent study performed to validate and evaluate the performance of our Action Score Stock Grading and Valuation tool. Statiscal data with easy to understand explanations on how to interpret the data. See how the stock grading system works and leverage the work to pick winning stocks.


Action Score Stock Grader Validation and Test

See how you can leverage the Old School Value stock grading and valuation tool to achieve market beating returns to generate a bigger portfolio. We disclose the 2016 performance and disclose how to piggyback our proven scoring and ratings system.


Action Score Stock Grader Performance

Enjoy our various list of value focused, free pre-defined stock screens.

Based on the ideas of Graham, Buffett, Greenblatt and other strategies.

Updated weekly.


value stock screener pre-defined list

A recommended reading list for anyone interested in fundamental analysis and value investing.

Each book is categorized into difficult.


9 value investing blogs that we highly recommend.

Excellent quality with a focus on education.


If you are running low on ideas of want to jumpstart your idea brain, check out these sites.

We have collected the best sites that offer quality stock ideas without any sales or being pushy.


From books, to websites, to podcasts, newsletters and more, we list the 60 best investing resources related to value investing you would be crazy to miss.


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