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WHAT TO EXPECT All Plans Include
Personalized Fanatical Customer Service
Stock Ratings, Grades and Ranks
Customizable Value Screeners
Easy to Follow Stock Summaries
Valuation Models: DCF, Reverse DCF, Graham's Formula, EBIT Multiples
Quality Indicators: Piotroski, Altman Z, Beneish M
Visual Key Stats and Comparisons
Customizable Side by Side Comparisons
10 Annual + 16 Quarterly Financials
Custom Data Exports to CSV
Get access to all upcoming features Limited Time Offer

Happy Customers

old school value analyzer member

"I have run 300+ stocks through the tool and it absolutely helps to quickly analyze a stock in a matter of seconds. What is great is that the tool will accelerate my learning curve and educate me on proper fundamental analysis."

old school value analyzer member

"Old School Value helps me make informed investment decisions. The models are flexible, yet easy-to-use and you receive outstanding resources if you need a bit of education. It has become essential in my professional practice."

old school value analyzer member

"I used to dedicate time to dig up financial data every quarter and analyze it in Excel. With a busy schedule that keeps me away from home, I let Old School Value do the legwork. Now I can focus my gaze on more companies."

30 Day No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee
with hassle-free refunds for unused time
old school value analyzer money back

Have a question?

Email, call or send a message to:

Jae Jun | Founder
JAE JUN (Seattle, WA)
Founder & Chief Customer Service Fanatic

Frequently Asked Questions

1. We only support USA companies that comply with USA SEC filing standards.

We currently do not offer international exchanges like Canada, Europe, Asia or Africa.

2. ETFs and mutual funds are not supported as the tool specializes in deep individual stock analysis.

Rather than a trial, click here to try the full live demo.

You have a 30 day money back guarantee plus we a friendly refund policy for any unused time which is the best in the industry.

Nobody offers a refund but us.

That is because we stand behind our offering and prefer to build relationships and focus on your needs rather than squibbling over money. We will not lock you into any long term contracts.

If you are not satisfied, you can cancel any time from your account and a refund (if any) will be issued promptly.

All plans are identical in features and access.

The only difference is the price based on whether you sign up month-to-month, or save with the yearly or 2 year plan.

Every plan has a 30 day money back guarantee. After 30 days the monthly plan is month-to-month with no pro-rated refunds.

The annual and 2 year plans come with our speedy refund policy. The refund is based on the number of months remaining on your account and not the number of days remaining.

To prevent abuse, all refunds for early cancellations of the annual or 2yr plans will be calculated using a month-to-month calculation using the pricing that was in effect at the time of your signup.

E.g. if you sign up for a 2YR plan and cancel after 2 months, refunds will be calculated as if you used Old School Value on the month to month plan for two months.

Please read the refund policy for more details.

Feel free to email, message, or call us. You can also use the contact form, or message box from within the app.

Customer service is our core competency. We understand that you have many choices, and that is why we commit ourselves to helping you succeed.

We provide tutorials, educational material as well as regular communication to Insider members.

Our business grows only if you are successful and achieve results.

Our team is also dedicated to being accessible and transparent. You can call Jae directly on the number above. No machines, no outsourcing to India or Philippines.

Because we are a investment software company and not an investment newsletter or a fund manager, we do not track performances. We also believe it is unethical to display numbers and hinting at returns you may not achieve.

We strongly believe that making money is not easy and there is no easy formula (we wish there was too).

Performance varies from person to person.

However, we eat our own cooking and use the tool daily for our own investments.

We also provide back-tested results of how our rating system works and transparently disclose how the scores are calculated.

The goal of Old School Value is to help you quickly understand and interpret the data with meaningful insights.

Not to be stuck in the data.

You need to know the basics, but the heavy calculations are done for you.

With our easy to understand and follow email tutorials, you will be able to calculate the value of a stock as well as gain insight into a company within the first day.

Our rating system ranks and gives the stock a single score and grade, which in turns makes it easy for you to get a high level overview. From there you can dig in to more details as your experience also grows.

Our data is from Edgar Online. The data is directly from the source documents and then standardized before we publish them.

The financial statements are updated automatically every quarter whenever the financial results are released.

Download this excel file to see what the raw data looks like. This is the data items we use for our calculations and rankings.

When companies file their complete 10-K (annual) or 10-Q (quarterly) reports, the data is usually updated within a week.

We do not offer preliminary results data as it is incomplete.

Our Rating scores are calculated based on numbers from all the financial statements. With incomplete data, the scores and rankings will not work.

The tool will take care of the heavy lifting and fundamental analysis.

Instead of spending hours trying to filter through stocks, compile data, perform calculations and then decide whether it is worth investigating or investing, the tool eliminates the tedious data work and calculation.

You just have to focus on making objective decisions and doing the proper research.

Our Ratings and Scores also provide a simple shortcut so that you "fish where the good fish are".

Our OSV Rating system lets you identify stocks based on Quality, Value or Growth so that you can make better use of your time.

The tool will help you stay organized and maintain a process instead of making expensive decisions on guesswork or relying heavily on what random people on the internet say.

Click to download the spreadsheet sample.

When you sign up to become a member, you get access to our download area which includes goodies like our legacy Stock Analyzer Spreadsheet.

Please note the spreadsheet works ONLY for Windows. Mac is not supported.

The spreadsheet automatically pulls in 10 years and 16 quarters of financial data directly into a spreadsheet with pre-built valuation and analysis models.

This way, you can create your own formulas and models or edit the existing ones.

All formulas and models are unlocked.

VBA is locked as it is not open source.

Our OSV Online Valuation app supports all browsers and systems.

The excel spreadsheet of the Stock Analyzer Spreadsheet only works on Windows with Microsoft Excel.

The spreadsheet will not run on Mac or Open Office.