Who is this for?

Is the Old School Value Analyzer right for you?

The tool will easily pay for itself with just a few picks.

If you currently invest on your own and understand that your time is a very limited resource and definitely worth more than $9/hr, then Old School Value Analyzer will help you in the following ways:

  • Quickly perform in-depth financial analysis that usually take hours by hand or you skip because it's too much work.
  • Helps you focus on analyzing and researching stocks, not on gathering data.
  • Provides you with a clear framework to identify whether a stock is worth investing in or not.
  • Helps you make better and objective decisions based on data and valuation instead of going with gut feelings or following stock tips.
  • No need to spend weeks or months creating your own spreadsheet that takes even more time to update and manage.

The cost benefit is that you can get value focused "off-the-street" analysis and valuations models that is not included in a $24k Bloomberg Terminal.

You don't have to pay for features that you do not use from institutional offerings.

You can also focus your time with clients or managing portfolios by quickly getting a good feel for a stock within minutes.

This gives you more time to read footnotes, listen to conference calls or read other filings that are just as important, but requires a lot of time that you previously didn't have.

It will be difficult for beginners.

To get the most out of Old School Value, you need to know fundamental analysis and valuation.

As much as we focus on usability and making data easy to interpret and understand at a glance, this is not a tool for "fresh" beginners who do not understand financial analysis or basic accounting.

Beginners can easily become overwhelmed with the amount of information. Our main users are self directed to professional investors who need quick and easy access to data and interpretation.

As much as we want to grow our user base, we understand our tool is not for everyone.

Dedicated beginners have been able to learn the basics to make full use of the tool. But there is a learning curve to fully utilize the power of the data that we interpret for you.

In fact, most refunds are requested by beginners. If you are not confident with understanding the numbers, this is not the tool for you.

Please try out the live real-time demo to see whether it fits your needs.

Getting support

We offer fanatical customer service to make sure you are satisfied

We are readily available via phone, email, twitter and facebook.

Send us a message via our contact page during business hours to receive speedy and accurate information.

When you sign up, you can send a message to us anytime from within the app.

Sure. Email directly to [email protected]

Or you can call us on our direct line at +1-(855) 932-7869 to speak with Mike directly.

Please note for best support, call or email during business hours between 9am to 5pm ET (UTC-5)

Be sure to check out the full working real-time demo to see whether it fits your needs.

We are located in New Hampshire, USA.

When you sign up, you are asked to create an account with your email and password.

Please use your sign up account info to log in at the login page.

If you don't remember you password, go to the log in page and click on "forgot password". You will receive a new password to log in.

Once you have logged in, be sure to change your password so that you do not forget.

Please view our knowledge base which we continue to update.

Also, after you sign up, we send you easy to follow tutorials and explanations via email for you to follow at your own pace.

Once you sign up, you will start to receive an easy to digest tutorial emails once a day.

They are easy to follow and understand with examples and videos.

We are also readily accessible to answer questions, give extra examples and take you through the process for you to succeed and really benefit from our tool.

There is a knowledgebase that we contribute to in order to maintain documents and make it easy for you to find information and help.

Getting started

Basic requirements to get started
  • Any modern browser that supports javascript
  • Old School Value Online Analyzer supports all operating systems
  • Old School Value Spreadsheet Analyzer requires Windows and Microsoft Excel. Mac is not supported for the included spreadsheet analyzer.
  • For the Spreadsheet Analyzer, an installed Version of Microsoft Excel 2007 and above (office 365 is NOT supported as it does not support VBA)
  • Internet connection
  • Go to the signup page, select a plan and sign up.
  • You will be directed inside the OSV Online application.
  • You will receive your receipts and a confirmation via email too.
  • Within the application, go to Menu and "Download Area" to download the bonus Spreadsheet Analyzer and other goodies.
  • We will send you bite sized tutorials to guide you each day. Simple.

We offer both and online and offline version.

Once you sign up, you can use both immediately. The offline version is in the form of a ready-to-go Excel spreadsheet that will automatically download 10 years and 16 quarters of historical data.

For information and answers regarding the spreadsheet, please see the below section.

Data questions

Our data source, calculations and more

Our data provider is Edgar Online. A very reputable company that provides data to sites like Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Nasdaq, OTC Markets, LexisNexis and more.

Download this excel file of the raw data items we use and check out what Edgar Online provides to us.

Edgar Online offers great value and great data as they source their numbers from the financial statements.

Like all data providers, they clean up the numbers and standardize them in order to make more than 5000 stocks consistent.

This introduces some small differences of how the numbers are presented, but if you feel there are any incorrect values, please contact us and let us know. We will inform the provider to get any incorrect information updated ASAP.

Please note that the most expensive data sources like Bloomberg and Capital IQ also have incorrect data.

We host the data on our own servers to improve loading speeds. On the spreadsheet analyzer, you will also download the financials directly into the spreadsheet which you can then play with.

Data updates are automatic. Expect about 1-2 weeks of buffer time for the data to be available as companies do not submit their 10-K or 10-Q immediately. Companies first file incomplete financials in the 8-K press release document before full results are filed with the SEC.

Once the data is available, Edgar Online will standardize the data which we then run through our own servers to calculate ranks and ratings.

Only USA stocks are supported.

This means that Australian, Indian, European or any other non USA country is not supported.

At this time, we are focusing efforts on making it the best platform for US investors before looking to expand to international markets.

We do not believe in creating a mediocre product and expanding it to other markets.

Another factor is that we use very detailed and precise calculations for our Ratings and Ranks. This data is not available with international data providers or the data is mostly incorrect.

Old School Value only supports equities. We specialize in deep fundamental analysis and valuation of equities and do not try to stretch ourselves thin by trying to do everything.

We provide data for all US listed stocks and US based OTC stocks that file properly with the SEC.

Because our data is sourced from the SEC filings, here are the limitations:

  • ADR's only support annual financials. Not quarterly.
  • REIT's not supported.
  • ETF's not supported.
  • Mutual funds not supported.
  • Financial stocks (banks, insurance, holding companies) will display slightly different as their balance sheet is not the same format as manufacturing or service companies.

Not enough data is available for OTC and pink sheet stocks. ADRs are not supported because of the many currency exchange errors.

No other subscription is required for you to use the tools. Your payment covers use of the tool for a single low price.

To use Old School Value Spreadsheet Analyzer, you will need Windows and Microsoft Excel 2007 and above.

Methodology questions

Answers about our Action Score rating and ranking methodology

The Action Score is an equal average of three scores. We have a Quality Score, Value Score and Growth Score. The Action Score is the average of the three.

We call it the Action Score because a stock with the best Quality, Value and Growth scores requires "Action".

Action refers to looking up information, reading about the company and industry, analyzing financials and anything else you do when you come across an idea.

Here is a link to our knowledgebase with a summary of the Action Score components and quick overview.

Here is an article that details the idea, process, numbers used and results of our Action Score.

Unlike other services, we are totally transparent in how we calculate our ratings and scores.

We believe that you should know what numbers we are using for you to make informed decisions, instead of blindly trusting our methodology.

Here is an article that details the idea, process, numbers used and results of our Action Score.

Please follow this link to our knowledgebase to learn in more detail about interpreting the Action Score and how to quickly get insight from it.

For the full discussion and results, please visit our back-tested performance article on the Action Score

This performance chart is based on the top 20 Action Score stocks at the start of each year. It ignores financial stocks, OTC, miners, utilities. Holding period is 1 year.

When a new filing (10-K, 10-Q, 20-F) is submitted, we automatically update our ratings based on the latest report.

You can see the full list of stocks and their respective ratings from within the app.

Just go to "Stock Database" on the left menu and view the stocks supported by OSV Online.

When you sign up, we send you bite sized tutorials via email.

We provide examples and how to determine whether a stock is worth investigating by looking at the Action Score.

Excel Stock Analyzer

Answers about the included Excel Analyzer

Your membership to Old School Value also includes bonus access to the use of our pre-built Excel Stock Analyzer.

Download this sample spreadsheet version to see what is included and what to expect.

The spreadsheet includes all the financial data from the web app along with extra valuation and analysis models.

The excel stock spreadsheet is geared towards advanced users who want control over their calculations.

Because we allow everyone to see our calculations and how each model is built, it is the perfect platform to add or modify your custom models on top of the current models.

All you have to do is enter a stock symbol and the spreadsheet will connect with our servers and automatically downloads 10 years and 16 quarters of financial data.

You then have complete control of adjustments, customization and fine tuning to your hearts content. Once complete, you have the capability to save, print or create a report or presentation to wow your friends and boss.

  • Windows Computer
  • or Mac with Bootcamp/Parallels/VM Ware to run a Windows environment
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 and above
  • Internet connection

The spreadsheet does NOT run on Mac, Open Office, Office 365, Google Drive, Smartphones or tablets.

Please use the web app for non Windows scenarios.

There is nothing to install. All you need is Windows and Microsoft Excel 2007 and above installed. Office 365 and Mac is NOT supported.

As long as you have a working version of Microsoft Excel, you can start right away. Just download the spreadsheet file, log in and start.

After you have signed up, you will be directed to the OSV Online app. From within the app, go to Menu and click on Download Area. Then click the download button to download and save the Excel Stock Analyzer.

Yes. The spreadsheet is unlocked and all formulas are visible and editable.

However, VBA is locked as the code is not open source.

You can add new valuation models and create new formulas to the spreadsheet as you wish.

YES. Unlike other software companies, you are able to use the spreadsheet on multiple computers. A single investor can use it at home, work and other computers if needed.

For multiple users, a separate purchase for each user has to be made. To prevent abuse, if the same account is logged in from multiple locations, you will be asked to log out of other instances and will not be able to use the spreadsheet until you do so.

Payment information

Pricing, payments, refunds and related topics

All pricing information can be found on the pricing/signup page.

This is a membership software service. Based on the plan you choose, you will be automatically billed the plan price you chose unless you cancel.

Renewals notices will be sent out in advance to allow you to decide whether to continue or not. We are not responsible for automatic renewals. It is up to you to cancel or request non-renewal.

Make sure to check the refund policy.

All plans begin with a non-refundable, paid 7-day trial. That is your chance to evaluate the product and see if it's right for you. If you are not ready to proceed with the paid monthly subscription, ensure that you cancel by the end of the 7 days.

All major credit cards are accepted.

For PayPal, please contact us as we need to send you a payment request and to set up your account.

Absolutely none. Simple transparent pricing and service. If there are any hidden fees, we will eat it.

Not for existing members. The plan you choose is your rate as long as your membership is active.

If there is a price increase, and you wish to rejoin after canceling, you will charged the new rate. The price increase also applies to new users.

Send a copy of your student ID to [email protected]

Student discounts are only available for the annual plan.

Once your ID has been verified, you will receive a $200 refund after payment as the discount. This is a 34% discount and works out to around $30/mo. Cheaper than dining out and potential to make more money that you invest.

To prevent abuse, student discount subscriptions cannot be refunded.

If you are member of the media and would like to review our services, a free account will be created for evaluation purposes only.

For all other purposes, we do not offer any free plans or accounts.

Ready to try Old School Value?