Who Is This For?

Is the Old School Value Analyzer right for you?

If you are currently investing on your own and understand that your time is a very limited resource and definitely worth more than $9/hr, then the old school value analyzer will help you in the following ways.

    • Quickly perform in-depth financial analysis that will take hours by hand.
      Help you focus on analyzing and researching stocks.
      Provide you with a clear framework to identify whether a stock is worth investing in or not.
      Help you make better and objective decisions instead of going with gut feelings or following stock tips.
      No need to spend weeks or months creating your own spreadsheet that takes even more time to manage.
  • The cost benefit is that you can get analysis and more valuations than a $24k Bloomberg Terminal.

    You can also focus your time with clients or managing portfolios by quickly getting a good feel for a stock within minutes.

    This gives you more time to read footnotes, listen to conference calls or read other filings that are just as important, but require lots of time that you previously didn't have.

    You can create your own branded dashboard to print or send out as a PDF.

    This is not a tool for "fresh" beginners who do not understand financial analysis or basic accounting skills. Beginners will be overwhelmed.

    Dedicated beginners have been able to learn the basics to make full use of the tool. There is a slight learning curve to overcome.

    Most refunds are requested by very green beginners. If you are not confident with understanding the numbers, this is not the tool for you.

    Getting Started

    Basic requirements and other common questions
    • (Online version is coming soon but for now, you will need the following)
    • Microsoft Windows (MAC IS NOT SUPPORTED)
    • Installed Version of Office 2007 and above (office 365 is NOT supported as it does not support VBA)
    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Internet connection
    • Go to the signup page and select a plan
    • You will receive an email with your log in information
    • Log in to your members area
    • Under "Active Resources", download the spreadsheet
    • Run the spreadsheet and enter your username and password to log in
    • Done. Now start analyzing companies quickly

    An online version is coming soon. At this time it is a Windows based, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that connects directly to the internet to import data.

    You will need to have Windows (not Mac) and Microsoft Excel installed to run this program.

    You enter a stock symbol you are interested in, and then Microsoft Excel will connect to a dedicated professional data feed to download the annual and quarterly financial statements. The data is then processed, calculated and loaded directly onto your spreadsheet.

    You then have complete control of adjustments, customization and fine tuning to your hearts content. Once complete, you have the capability to save, print or create a report or presentation to wow your friends and boss.

    There is nothing to install.

    As long as you have a working version of Microsoft Excel, you can start right away. Just download the spreadsheet file, log in and start.

    The main goal was to create a tool that was easy to use, visually pleasing and intuitive.

    Although there is a lot of data, users have confirmed that it is easy to use and get started.

    There are lots of supporting documentation, videos and tutorials to help you out.

    Check it out from the resources page.

    During the sign up process, you will be asked to create a username and password for your account. When the payment has been made, you can log into the Members Area to download the spreadsheet.

    Yes. The spreadsheet is unlocked and all formulas are visible and editable.

    You can add new valuation models and create new formulas as you wish.

    The macros however are not unlocked due to security reasons.

    YES. Unlike other software companies, you are able to use this on multiple computers. A single investor can use it at home, work and other computers if needed.

    For multiple users, a separate purchase for each user has to be made. To prevent abuse, if the same account is logged in from multiple locations, you will be asked to log out of other instances and will not be able to use the spreadsheet until you do so.

    Spreadsheet and Data Questions

    We understand that reliability and accuracy is important

    To offer maximum cost effectiveness and reliability, the spreadsheet connects via a third party to Edgar Online's dedicated professional data feed.

    The data is dynamic which means that the financial statements are updated every quarter whenever the financial results are released. Expect a 1-2 week delay with the numbers updating because Edgar Online has to standardize the financial statements for the data feed.

    Additional company and competitor key statistics make use of the API from Yahoo Finance.

    Edgar Online is a very reputable company and the data that you will be using is what you see at Morningstar.com

    Download this excel file of the raw data items to check out what Edgar Online provides.

    Edgar Online offers great value and great data. We admit that there will be some differences in terms of how the numbers are presented between the SEC filings and the spreadsheet financials because the data has to be standardized into a single format. To offset this, there are spaces where you can simply enter a value to override the default values if needed.

    Capital IQ is the best in the industry, but, it's also the most expensive. Your cost would jump to $100/mo which is unrealistic.

    To access Capital IQ on your own, it would also cost you thousands of dollars per month.

    Yes. As long as this site exists, the data is available to use.

    You don't even need to open your browser. Just run the spreadsheet, enter a stock symbol and download the data.

    Data is stored on the spreadsheet until you enter another company ticker. The data is then overwritten. In other words, all data is dynamic and is refreshed to the latest available. If you want to save a copy of the spreadsheet for a specific company, you have the option to save it as a PDF or as another copy.

    Data updates are automatic. Expect about 1-2 weeks of buffer time for the data to be available.

    At the end of every quarter, Edgar Online will standardize the data and you will be able to download.

    The spreadsheet does not work for companies categorized as financials, OTC, pink sheets and ADR's.

    Financials have a different financial statement format which is not supported with the valuation models.

    Not enough data is available for OTC and pink sheet stocks. ADRs are not supported because of the many currency exchange errors.

    No other subscription is required for you to use the tools. For just a single low price, you get access to all data and valuation models.

    Only USA stocks will work.

    The amount of data required for international stocks is not widely available. Also, the difference in accounting and the way financials are standardized make it difficult to support different markets.

    This means that Australian, Indian, European or any other non USA country is not supported.

    Computer Compatibility

    What you need to run the valuation tools
    • Windows Computer
    • or Mac with Bootcamp/Parellels/VM Ware to run a Windows environment
    • Microsoft Excel. Supports Excel 2007 and up but recommended to use at least 2007
    • Internet connection
    • That is all

    The quick answer is no.

    This spreadsheet only runs on Windows and Office for Windows. Office for Mac does not work and will not work due to many mac compatibility issues.

    To run this on a Mac, you will need to run bootcamp or vmware to load a windows operating system and run it in the Windows environment.

    A minimum of Excel 2010 for Windows is recommended.

    Excel 2003 is not supported as it is over a decade old and does not support many of the required formulas and code in the spreadsheet.

    No. The spreadsheet makes use of VBA and macros to import data from our data feed which Open Office does not support.

    No. The spreadsheet makes use of VBA and macros to import data from our data feed which Office 365 does not support.

    No. The spreadsheet makes use of VBA and macros to import data from our data feed which Google Drive does not support.

    No. The spreadsheet only works on a computer. The spreadsheet does not run on on mobile phones.

    Only on Windows tablets. If your tablet runs Windows RT, it will NOT work. E.g. It will work on the Microsoft Surface Pro, but NOT the Microsoft Surface.

    Payment Information

    Pricing, payments, refunds and related topics

    All pricing information can be found on the pricing/signup page.

    This is a membership service so based on the plan you choose, you will be automatically billed the plan price you chose unless you cancel.

    Check out our friendly refund policy.

    First time members receive a full refund as long as you cancel within thirty (30) days of first signing up with a paid membership. After 30 days, you will receive a pro-rated refund if you wish to cancel.

    We want to make sure you are happy and only pay for what you are satisfied with. We are not in the business of taking your money to earn a quick buck.

    We prefer long lasting relationships and will do whatever we can do satisfy you.

    If you sign up, cancel within 30 days, and then sign up again only to cancel within 30 days, a refund will not be issued for this type of abuse.

    Paypal and all major credit cards are accepted.

    Absolutely none. Transparent pricing, transparent service. If there are any hidden fees, we will eat it.

    No. Prices are fixed for your membership.

    Unless we upgrade the data source to some ultra super duper data source which costs of tens of thousands per month, your price is fixed.

    Send a copy of your student ID to [email protected]

    Student discounts are only available for the yearly plan.

    Once your ID has been verified, you will receive a link to the locked in plan.

    As long as you do not cancel your membership, you will be locked into the discounted plan going forward.

    If you decide to cancel your membership, you will no longer be eligible for the student discount plan.

    There is a way to get free unlimited access to Old School Value for investing bloggers or for people who submit articles and videos.

    Full details and guidelines is found on the special offers page.

    Getting Support

    We offer ultimate support to make sure you are running smoothly

    We are readily available via phone, email, twitter and facebook.

    Contact us any time during business hours to get questions asked.

    If you are a member, you can also ask for help using the helpdesk when you log into your account.

    Not to worry. We understand that everyone starts somewhere and because we understand what it is like to be learning, we do not use extensive jargon or difficult words to teach.

    Lots of documentation is available, video walk-throughs are available and how to guides are available.

    These can be viewed from the members section or viewed from the resources page.