Take Your Investing to a New Level

These tools are necessary to correctly identify money making stocks

Edgar Online Data Feed

edgar data feed

Connect to a data feed using Edgar Online and automatically import raw financial statements.

Download this excel file to see what the raw data looks like. No one gives you this much access for the price you pay.

Easy to Read and Use Dashboards

spreadsheet dashboard

View a one page summary with all the important numbers.

Save it as a PDF and send it friends or clients.

It's ok to impress them.

Access Comprehensive Financial Statements

Access 10 Years of Financial Statements

annual financial statements

Download 10 years of financial statements by entering a stock symbol.

Everything is on one page for easy access so that you can breeze through the financial data.

Latest 5 Quarterly Statements Included

quarterly financial statements

Also get the latest five quarterly statements to look at trends along with TTM numbers.

See it in Percentage Form

percent financial statements

When numbers start hitting the millions and billions, it's hard to comprehend and put into perspective. But not any more.

Visualize and understand big numbers easily in percentge form.

Buffett Style Investing Ratios

investing ratios

Quickly determine the worthiness of a stock by looking over these value investing ratios.

Valuation metrics, balance sheet metrics, liquidity ratios and more.

Value Stocks in Many Different Ways

Easy to Use DCF Model

DCF model

Use the default values or optimize the valuation with simple inputs.

Customize the model if you wish. Everything is unlocked and editable.

EPS Based Valuation Model

graham valuation model

Is it possible to value growth stocks in value investing?

Ben Graham created this simple and effective formula to value stocks the growth investing way.

A New PE Valuation Model

absolute PE model

Like using the PE ratio?

Instead of an incorrect relative valuation, this one calculates the fair value PE based on company health scores, not on what another company is trading for.

Earnings Power Value

earnings power value

The advanced valuation method in the package.

Make balance sheet adjustments, then value a company by analyzing the earnings power.

Balance Sheet Valuation

net net valuation

A quick way to look at the tangible asset value of the business. See whether there is value in the tangible assets to support the underlying fundamentals.

Easily Determine the Business Quality

Check Quality of Earnings

accrual analysis

Easily identify earnings quality and see whether company is abusing accruals to drive stock prices higher.

Don't get caught in the rush up.

Accounting Strength with the Piotroski Score

Piotroski score

Use the Piotroski Score to identify healthy companies based on accounting trends.

Use the score as a screen to quickly see whether there are warning signs to look at or just pass on.

The Altman Z Bankruptcy Predictor

Altman Z score

Look at the finer details of whether there is trouble brewing with the stock.

The original bankruptcy predictor model. Dive deeper without all the fuss.

Detecting Earnings Manipulation

Beneish model

See whether a company is manipulating its earnings.

Calculate it automatically instead of performing the same thing by hand.

Drill Down on ROE with DuPont

DuPont analysis

Go beyond ROE and quickly see what is driving ROE.

Gain an edge by quickly looking at the numbers behind the scenes and see issues beforehand.

Compare Nine Competitors Side by Side

competitor comparison

Compare up to nine competitors side by side and see which one is the best.

As easy as entering the competitor stock tickers.

Easy to Read Charts

easy to read charts

Easy visualization to look at trends and quickly get a picture of company performance.

Value investing metrics used in the graphs

Keep a Log of Stocks You Value

stock valuation log book

Keep track of your valuations and assumptions.

A great way to look at the past stocks you have analyzed and to use as a idea list

Bonus: Fast and Light Watchlist

fastest stock watchlist

Only provided to paying members. Not included in the trial.

Supports up to 250 stocks and will update in less than two seconds.

More metrics than any watchlist that you can find online.