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The 15 Point Checklist Every Investor Must Ask

This is a classic 15 point checklist devised by Phil Fisher. 

Buffett described himself as being 15% Ben Graham and 85% Phil Fisher.

Enough said.

Does the company have the products or services with sufficient market potential to make possible a sizable increase in sales for at least several years?

How effective are the company’s research and development efforts in relation to its size?

Does the company have a worthwhile profit margin?

Does the company have outstanding labor and personnel relations?

How good are the company’s cost analysis and accounting controls?

Does the company have a short range or long range outlook in regards to profits?

In the foreseeable future, will the growth of the company require sufficient equity financing so that the larger number of shares then outstanding will largely cancel the existing stockholders’ benefit from this anticipated growth?

Does the management have a determination to continue to develop products or processes that will still further increase total sales potentials when the growth potentials of currently attractive product lines have largely been exploited?

Does the company have an above average sales organization?

What is the company doing to maintain or improve profit margins?

Does the company have outstanding labor and personnel relations?

Does the company have depth to its management?

Are there other aspects of the business, somewhat peculiar to the industry involved, which will give the investor important clues as to how outstanding the company may be in relation to its competition?

Does the management talk freely to investors about its affairs when things are going well but “clam up” when troubles and disappointments occur?

Does the company have a management of unquestionable integrity?



You pour in stock ideas and narrow it down to a few select ideas to invest in.





How To Find the Answer to These Questions

  1. Get real thoughts on management by employees from Glassdoor
  2. Look up the business reviews on places like Yelp
  3. Listen to conference calls and read transcripts
  4. Uncover hidden numbers with Old School Value Online Analyzer
  5. Read the competitors annual reports
  6. Read the annual reports on the SEC website

TOP 15 Stock Lists

Now visit the following sites to get your LIST of stock IDEAS.

Each site has its own investing style. Look through it and select the sites that best suits you.

AAII’s flagship portfolio. You can access the list for just $29 a year. They have a very good list of value orientated stocks. The stock selection criteria can be found from this link. Don't be cheap. With one stock purchase, you will easily make up the $29 fee. The ideas you can get will save you hours from searching for ideas.AAII also has 78 pre-defined screens, but I do not recommend their stock screens.

A garden of stock lists based on a certain themes and topics. Find stocks to short from their Best Performing Internet Stocks YTD or find rough diamonds from the S&P 1500 Most Heavily Shorted Stocks.

Focused on cheap stocks. Mostly small and obscure stocks. There is some serious alpha here.

See which stocks from the Dow are currently doggish (out of favor).

Profit by being contrarian.

Created by the Ross School of Business from the University of Michigan.A list of long and short ideas. The stock selection criteria is unknown.

This year’s annual list of best companies to work for features Hilton in the top spot. But the companies on this list belong to a variety of industries, from grocery chains to tech organizations.

This group of stocks has consistently beaten the market. A annual list of high flying small growth stocks.

Great list of global companies growing quickly through innovation. Many of them are Wall Street darlings because of the growth potential.

Large caps from around the world that have grown to become the best and biggest.

Find your favorite investing guru and see what he holds. Get ideas from the pros. Requires an annual membership.

15 pre-defined stock lists focusing on tested and proven value strategies ranging from small to large caps.

A daily list of the stocks that move the most. Watch which stocks jump or fall the hardest as a source of ideas.

Hundreds of stock ideas are submitted daily. Requires additional manual work to filter out the bad ideas from the good.

Get ideas by looking through the 4 mechanical portfolios on display as well as using their screener.


Free sign up to a database of ideas with a 45 day delay. Ideas are submitted by the best independent and professional value investors.

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