Book review: Warren Buffett Speaks

Warren Buffett Speaks

Warren Buffett Speaks

Warren Buffett Speaks – What You Can Learn

Warren Buffett Speaks; Wit and Wisdom from the World’s Greatest Investor is an fun, easy to read, relaxing book, that organizes what Buffett has said in speeches and written in his annual letters into a neat little package.

The book isn’t the typical Buffett book that explains why he bought the companies he did and all the things that we’ve read and heard about many many times. Instead, Warren Buffett Speaks hopes to reveal to the reader, Buffett the person, Buffett the man. We all know him for his brilliant mind and investing acumen, but half of the book looks at his life, friends and family through what Buffett has previously said.

Since the book is mainly a collection of quotes organized into different categories, I do believe it is similar to the The Essays of Warren Buffett which also divides the wisdom of Buffett from his annual letters into categories.

For those that are hoping to learn how to find and value a company and business, this book wouldn’t be for you. The deepest it gets into any form of valuation is probably the reference to the castle and moat. But since it is full of Buffett quotes, it is useful for a few laughs and regular smiles. It also reminded me of many useful quotes which I’ll use in my posts someday.

Overall, an easy to read, enjoyable, small coffee table book that can be breezed through over a weekend.

Now I’m waiting for Where Are the Customers’ Yachts and The Little Book That Builds Wealth by Pat Dorsey. Looking forward to reading these books.

Side Note

I have never met a wise man who did not read – Charlie Munger

After reading this, I realized how ignorant I had been about my intellect and so I started to read on various topics. To prevent getting tunnel vision, I stay away from Wall Street junk and stick to quality reading, whether or not it is related to investing.

The point? To truly become great investors, I believe we have to be knowledgeable in many areas other than investing. I’m far from being anywhere near great and so I’m on a quest for knowledge and wisdom. So read Warren Buffett Speaks and similar books. Wanna join?


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