[OSV Giveaway #2] Win “The Most Important Thing Illuminated”

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3 Copies of The Most Important Thing Illuminated

Today, I have hard cover copies of The Most Important Thing Illunimated to give away to 3 lucky people.

Who is Howard Marks?

Howard Marks is a huge influencer and authority on behavioral finance. He writes the occasional “memo”, filled with insight, wisdom and experience that even Buffett reads.

If it’s good for Buffett, then it’s something that must be on your must read list.

The only thing is that Marks’ memos date back to 1990. To get an organized, updated version, your best bet is to read his book, The Most Important Thing Illuminated : Uncommon Sense for the Thoughtful Investor.

Starting today, this is your chance to get a copy. The giveaway is for a hard cover version. If you want to read via Kindle, Amazon currently has a 50% discount.

Quick Review of The Most Important Thing

Humans are designed to make mistakes. The book focuses on the human element to help you learn “how to think and how to deal with the psychological influences that interfere with investment thinking.”

There are 4 key themes in the book.

  1. The riskiest things
  2. Emotion and ego
  3. Fear of looking wrong
  4. Understanding uncertainty

I can see how each theme is applicable to me and I’m sure this is the same with you.

I have made risky and stupid investments.

I have let my emotions and ego get in the way. It’s even harder for me on occasions because I write this blog, so I want the outcome to be right which also ties in with fear of looking wrong.

If you have followed old school value for a while, you’ll know that I make investments in uncertain stocks. Some work, some don’t.

If this sounds a little like you and you wish to improve on it, then enter the giveaway and win a copy. The book will get you learning, thinking, and improving.

You hear all the time that you need to have some sort of edge because the stock market is a zero sum game.

Well, the easiest way to gain an edge in the market is by understanding the behavioral side. Once you understand the psychological influences that interfere with investment thinking, you will start to build mental mechanisms and alerts to help you stay clear of bad processes and behavior.

Giveaway Details

You can enter daily for more chances to win.

  • How to Enter: Use the widget below to (1) Leave a comment (2) “Like” osv on Facebook or (3) Tweet about the giveaway (4) Follow us on Twitter
  • Prize: Hard cover copies of The Most Important Thing by Howard Marks
  • Prize value: $20
  • Number of Winners: 3
  • Start Date: Mon Sep 30th, Midnight (PST)
  • End Date: Mon Oct 7, Midnight (PST)
  • Eligibility: USA Residents ONLY
  • The Prize is sponsored by Colombia Business School Publishing

The Most Important Thing Giveaway

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