9 Free Stock Spreadsheets for Stock Analysis that Others Would Pay For

Free Stock Spreadsheets for Stock Analysis

free stock spreadsheets

free stock spreadsheets

These free stock spreadsheets are available for free download or via google docs to help you in performing stock valuation and analysis.

[Update: The SMF add-in has now been removed from most of the spreadsheets due to data and support issues. Manual input is required.] 

Some of the free stock spreadsheets make use of the of the Stock Market Functions Excel Add-in which is available for free.

How to Download the Free Stock Spreadsheets

In order to download the excel stock spreadsheets, you must first sign up with your email and you will receive an email with the list of stock spreadsheets once you have confirmed. By signing up with your email, you will also receive my blog articles via email.

There are a couple of spreadsheets that are based on Google Spreadsheets which you can immediately copy to your account.

A PDF install manual and links to install related videos are included.

Free Stock Spreadsheets for Valuation and Analysis

>> Benjamin Graham Formula Free Stock Spreadsheet

The Graham stock spreadsheet uses the formula Graham outlined in his book, The Intelligent Investor, to calculate the intrinsic value of the company.

>> Free Graham Net Net Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is different to the one above. This stock spreadsheet calculates the net net value of a stock which is what the company would be worth if the company liquidated everything in a massive sale.

>> Free Altman Z Score Spreadsheet

The Altman Z spreadsheet calculates whether a business is at the risk of going bankrupt.

>> Free Piotroski Score Spreadsheet

The Piostroki score is a 9 point scoring system based on the accounting trends of the company.

>> Free Beneish Stock Spreadsheet to Detect Earnings Manipulating Companies

The Altman, Piotroski and Beneish score make up a nice trio in determining the quality of a company. The Beneish M score looks to see whether a company is manipulating earnings based on the numbers reported in the financial statements.

>> (No Sign Up Required) IPO Analysis Spreadsheet

This is a spreadsheet template of analyzing an IPO.

>> (No Sign Up Required) Competitor Comparison Spreadsheet with Google Docs

A free stock spreadsheet where you can enter multiple tickers and compare side by side. This is a google docs stock spreadsheet. Nothing to install. You just need a google docs account. Follow the instructions in the page to see how you can copy it to your account.

Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheets

>> (No Sign Up Required) The Best Free Stock Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet

This has got to be the best free portfolio tracking spreadsheet available. It is another google docs spreadsheet and makes tracking portfolio, transactions, performance, dividends and other features so much easier.

Two More Sites with Great Stock Spreadsheets

In addition to what I have provided, here are two sites that feature a truckload of spreadsheet templates.

The majority of the spreadsheets are very complex, but there should be something of interest.

Professor Damodaran’s List of Free Spreadsheets

More Free Stock Spreadsheets

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