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Thanks for wanting to write for Old School Value.

If you’re an avid investor and writer for value investing, dividend investing, growth investing, special situations, stock analysis, stock valuation or behavioral finance, and if you’ve previously written on these topics, I’d love to work with you.

We heavily promote content across all our social networks and encourage authors to do the same.

If you’re interested in submitting guest posts, you can find all the information you need below.

Topics Published on Old School Value

  • Value investing
  • Dividend investing
  • Growth investing
  • Special situations
  • Stock ideas (no hype, will be vetted for accuracy, OTC stocks require more explanation to make it a worthwhile read)
  • Stock analysis
  • Stock valuation
  • Behavioral finance

How to Get Published on Old School Value

  1. Articles must be well organized, engaging, and have a clear message.
  2. Articles should be informative and offer advice, how-to tips, or key takeaways.
  3. Stock articles should be on topics or stocks with readership. Not many people will be interested in reading a short analysis of a microcap stock unless it is extremely compelling.
  4. Prefer blogs that are over 1,000 words and explain a topic end-to-end with real examples.
  5. All sources should be linked.
  6. All content should be original.
  7. Your content will be edited so that it fits the style and tone of this blog. (It will still be under your name.)
  8. Old School Value reserves the right to alter and/or reject any submitted content as is deemed appropriate.
  9. No self promotion is allowed. Your article must be written for the benefit of our readers, not the promotion of your business. You will get a short blurb at the end of the article, in which you can link back to your website.

Your Pitch Should Include:

  • Links to previously published articles that show your ability to write in the style of Old School Value
  • A few title suggestions
  • Brief synopsis of the post, its purpose/goal and target audience
  • A break down of the key points to be covered
  • Lesson that will be learned from each point with a key takeaway (action item) for people to do to be successful with your advice
  • Conclusion: how will the post close

NOTE: You must include an article idea in your pitch. A list of article links will not get a response, as it isn’t a real pitch.

Please submit your pitch to [email protected]

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