Best Performing Value Stock Screen Achieving 55.8% YTD

Of the 15 value stocks screens at old school value, 14 screeners are beating the S&P and 12 are beating the Russell2000.

At the end of Q1, only 2 screens were outperforming. What a 180% turn of events at the end of Q3.

2013 End of Q3 YTD Performance | Click to Enlarge

The screens are ordered in terms of highest performance as of end of Q3.

Featured Screener: Negative Enterprise Value

The Negative Enterprise Value Screen | Click to Enlarge

In July and August of this year, there were two articles written on the CFA blog on the performance of negative enterprise stocks.

To bring you up to speed, a company falls into negative enterprise territory if the stock has so much cash that it exceeds its market cap and debt.

See the full explanation on the negative enterprise screener page.

Here are 2013 list of negative enterprise stocks that are doing so well.

19 Negative Enterprise Stocks

So far, the OSV stock screener strategies are a success this year.

But then again, everything else is.

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