Historic Stock Market Bubbles Repeat. Learn and Predict the Next One.

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Information overload.

Did you know the average person looks at their phone 110 times a day?

People just stare at their phones and other devices all day, every day, absorbing information/noise.

Twitter is alive with streaming, stocktwits is constantly chattering, CNBC is wailing, and the radio is always crying.

The explosion of the web and all the social media stuff going on today is changing the structure of our brains, how we think, learn and interact.

Ironically, this blog post you are reading is also another source of information, but what we try to do here is focus on timeless education, knowledge and wisdom. Not current affairs, what the stock market is doing or what the jobs data mean.

Important Things are Never Urgent

We feel like we want to stay on top of everything with the 24-hour cycle. Cable channels like CNN have propagated this idea since they started.

But, you know what?

It doesn’t matter.

Rarely is anything important. Just urgent.

The things that are important are usually not urgent.

Instead of reading headlines and tweets which lasts for a day at most, there are books and historical events to read and learn from. After all, the best investors, writers and businessmen didn’t become elite by studying news headlines and stock prices.

They all went back in time.

History Repeats Itself

In the market, random events occur, such as the movement of stock prices.

A 1% drop in stock price doesn’t have to have a cause. The simple reason is that it’s what stocks do. They go up and down on a daily basis. Trying to understand the reason behind the 1% drop is meaningless.

It’s easier, more meaningful and interesting to study the history of the stock market and/or monetary system. History always repeats itself so by looking into the past, you can look into the future.

Past Bubbles to Learn From

Courtesy of thebubblebubble.com

This is just a start.

I encourage you to continue searching, reading and learning from important topics and sources to continue your greatness.

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