My Best Investment Recommendation for 2014

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Jae Jun

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“What stock are you looking at?”

I get this question often and with the new year, it’s no different.

Everyone loves shiny stock tips.

The thing is that so many people just focus on trying to figure out what someone else is buying in hopes of making huge amounts of money NOW.

If there was a formula to make 50% returns the minute I bought a stock, I would honestly close up old school value, go hide in the mountains and become a secret trading monk.

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Once a while, I get an email which goes like this.

“I do not need long newsletter emails, I hate to read and will not understand. I just want you to tell me what to buy and when to sell…”

This breaks my heart because I thought I was hustling to spread the message of helping to empower people to take control of their own money.

The internet is filled with promises of glamorous returns if you just sign up for those newsletters that guaranteed 70% annual returns from penny stocks.

And that’s the problem.

You can find hot stock tips everywhere you look.

If you do a search on Google for “hot stocks to buy”, you get 29,600,000 search results.

people love hot tips

It’s so easy to find things like the

  • top 100 stocks
  • market moving stocks
  • hottest stocks of the year
  • don’t miss the ride on these 3 hot stocks

After all, these are the headlines and useless content that brings in traffic for ad revenue.

The one thing these hot tips have in common is that they are pointless and useless.

Now search for “how to analyze stocks” and it drops by more than 50%.

Putting in the work to analyze isn’t desired

When something involves more effort, you clearly see the drop off.

It’s human nature to want the easy way of doing something.

Effort equals pain.

Regardless of the long lasting effect this type of effort has, the quick way to riches is chosen by most people.

In response to the earlier email, the best recommendation I could give was the obvious one.

“My best recommendation for you is to invest in the SPY ETF. In your case I would not buy individual stocks.”

But that didn’t deter the man in trying to get more information out of me.

If only that type of urgency and forwardness he showed me was directed properly.

So what’s my best investment recommendation for you?

Well it isn’t a stock, but I have complete confidence in telling you that it will be one of your best investments in 2014.

The Best Investment in 2014

My goal is twofold.

  1. provide rich, valuable, practical and timeless content
  2. offer the best possible fundamental analysis software for individual investors who want to make better stock picks but don’t have the means to pay hundreds of dollars a month for institutional tools

Here’s the one investment that I won’t hesitate to recommend.

I can confidently say that if you sign up to Old School Value’s Stock Analysis Software today, it is going to be one of your best investments of the year.

And it’s not just because I created it. Here’s the scoop.

As an investor there are a few ways you can make investing easier so that you can focus on researching and analyzing your best stock ideas.

  1. Have a systematized approach
  2. Eliminate time wasting and mundane tasks
  3. Automate repetitive tasks

How Old School Value is an Investment

With Old School Value, you can drastically reduce the time you spend on gathering, organizing and calculating financial data. One of the biggest time wasters is searching for info all around the internet and getting side tracked.

By cutting down the quantitative analysis and research time into a fraction of what you spend, you can focus on reading reports, researching the qualitative side of a stock, or generating more ideas.

That’s just the time saving part though.

By having a completely unlocked, transparent and ready to go stock analysis tool, not only do you analyze and value stocks deeper but you will also deepen your understanding of financial analysis.

Teaching You How to Fish

I can’t promise that you will become the next Warren Buffett.

What I can promise is that you will make better investment decisions, your confidence will grow, you’ll be able to find more stocks and save so much time in the process.

One thing I want to be clear about is that this tool isn’t a get rich quick tool.

It is a tool to help you build wealth by planting good habits and helping you see new things.

It’s ultimately up to you whether you want to take advantage of such a tool to make your life easy and to apply it for your investing career.

To sweeten the deal, you always get a full 30 day money back guarantee as well as pro-rated refunds for any unused time.

I’m also the front man for customer service so any message you send comes directly to me. I have no plans to offload customer service to somebody else because I pride myself on the service, attention and communication I provide to my customers. I’m willing to even say that my customer service is the best in the investment field.

Plus, I’m prepared to eat the credit card processing fees for any refunds because I know that it will open the eyes of 8/10 people who use it and realize how much value they are getting from it.

Here’s Some Feedback

Throughout the years, it is feedback like these that helped propel Old School Value into becoming the all-in-one analysis tool it is today.

What will be my highest-return purchase? Pretty sure it will be the Old School Value spreadsheet, which I bought last week. Built by Jae Jun, whose articles you may have read on Seeking Alpha, this tool downloads 10 years of annual numbers, as well as the last four quarters, in 30 seconds. Then, OSV runs these numbers through a gamut of models, including DCF, Piotroski, Graham valuation, and net-net. The SS also includes a couple of earnings quality calculations, like Altman Z.

I have taken [the] OSV SS and added a bunch of my favorite formulas. For once, I feel like I can stay up-to-date with the companies I own, as well as also study the myriad interesting opportunities that I read about on Motley Fool and in other venues. – Hewitt Heiserman (Author of It’s Earnings That Count)

Here’s a sample file that you can download to see exactly what it looks like.

All you need is just one stock pick to make up the membership cost.

Treat your time like it is worth $1,000/hour and your whole perspective changes of how you value your time. Make use of the things that maximize the impact of your time and effort.

Don’t make my mistake of initially wasting 3 hours a day performing tedious tasks just so that I could save a few bucks a month.

Get started with Old School Value today and join the hundreds of value investors making better stock picks.

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