Company Assessment, Checklist and Spider Graphs

Recently, in an effort to improve and streamline investing techniques, habits, psychological behaviours and analysis, I’ve finally gotten around to completing an addition to the premium intrinsic value spreadsheets.

Until now, I had been working with a rough screen and a checklist of things to go through with companies I am interested in, but my recent failures have prompted me to take action. The result is now a half automated screen and spider graph with user input overrides.

The additional tab in the spreadsheet acts as a checklist to check whether the company meets the characteristics and criterias I look for in companies. There is a quantitative section which deals with the numbers and a qualitative section which requires more time that focuses on the business and management.

There is also a psychological section, thanks to Value Investor India‘s spreadsheet which can be found by joining his Google group, which is also based on Charlie Munger’s book.

Rather than try to explain it, refer to the screenshots and PDF of JNJ below. (Yellow cells are user input which overrides the automatic values)

I would appreciate the feedback on what I could improve and whether the filtering criterias I set are realistic or not. FYI, the excel contains detailed comments which aren’t reflected in the PDF below.

If you bought the full version of the spreadsheet within 1 year, contact me and I’ll send you a free download link when I release the new version.

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