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The spreadsheet no longer uses the SMF plugin to retrieve data due to instability and data issues. The spreadsheet has to be populated manually.

Original Article

Need information on competitors? Tired of Google, Yahoo or other websites showing incorrect competitor data or just not enough information? Problem solved.

It’s a fact that many people come here for the spreadsheets and I’ve been receiving positive responses, and seeing how I grew up singing “Sharing is Caring”, here is another tool you may find useful.

The current competitor comparison provided in the intrinsic value spreadsheets display incorrect competitor information and I’ve been meaning to update it to something more meaningful.

Screenshot of the Investment Tool

What Does The Spreadsheet Do?

Displays the following ratios and statistics

  • Stock Price
  • Market Cap (millions)
  • P/E Ratio (TTM)
  • Price to Sales (TTM)
  • Price to Book (MRQ)
  • Price to Tangible Book (MRQ)
  • Price to Cash Flow (TTM)
  • Price to Free Cash Flow (TTM)
  • Dividend Yield
  • Dividend Yield – 5 Year Avg.
  • Dividend 5 Year Growth Rate
  • Payout Ratio (TTM)
  • Sales (MRQ) vs Qtr. 1 Yr. Ago
  • Sales (TTM) vs TTM 1 Yr. Ago
  • Sales – 5 Yr. Growth Rate
  • EPS (MRQ) vs Qtr. 1 Yr. Ago
  • EPS (TTM) vs TTM 1 Yr. Ago
  • EPS – 5 Yr. Growth Rate
  • Capital Spending – 5 Yr. Growth Rate
  • Quick Ratio (MRQ)
  • and MUCH more

How To Use the Investment Spreadsheet

The input cells are the yellow cells, and the competitor spreadsheet supports 6 companies which you can compare side by side.

I found a much simpler template somewhere and fixed all the cells and corrected all links and data pulls. You will also notice a new layout and design which I use in my personal investing spreadsheets.

(If you are the original creator, let me know and I will give you credit)

Installation of the SMF-addin is required and visit the full detailed spreadsheet installation instructions.

If you want to add this to the other spreadsheets, you just have to cut and paste the cells into a new worksheet. Then just update a few of the cell references and it should be good to go.


Since many ratios CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be used at face value, this spreadsheet can actually provide a false picture and also prevent you from performing additional proper research.

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Competitor Comparison Spreadsheet

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