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Learn how to Dig for Treasure

Ever read an issue of Value Investor Insight?

Value Investor Insight was created by Whitney Tilson so it’s another subsidiary to his value investing empire. He also owns Value Investing Congress.

Anyways, the Value Investor Insight newsletters contain detailed interviews from money managers regarding their investment philosophy, what they are looking at as well as other insightful lessons.

Very helpful.

But if you are ok with reading past issues, a majority of them are available on the internet.

Just need to know where and how to search to download investment newsletters. It takes a few steps, but I’ll show you how.

Using Scribd to Download Investment Newsletters and Other Content

The quickest and easiest is Scribd.

People upload all sorts of amazing content on Scribd. It’s one of the most unused places to get/find value investing resources.

Plenty of investments newsletters to download, some books, papers, presentations and other goodies.

Here’s the link to a simple search that yields results for Value Investor Insight. You can download 10-15 newsletters right away.

Try searching for other book titles, newsletter names, letters, famous investor names etc. You’ll find amazing stuff there.

Finding Hidden Treasures with Google Search

Here’s the advanced part of this tutorial.

Unless you know how to operate a website and put up security measures, Google will find and list a lot of stuff in their search results. You just need to know the proper syntax for searching on Google.

Things to know before you start trying to search on Google.

  • People like to display their press coverage
  • People have a naming convention for their files
  • People will put up a description of what is being uploaded
  • People don’t know how to block Google from discovering their stuff
  • Search with very narrow and focused keywords to yield amazing results

Value Investor Insight is a good one practice with and the same technique can be applied to any other resource.

The reason why this method works is because people display their press coverage. If a fund manager is interviewed or the fund is highlighted in a magazine or publication, expect to see it on their website.

I do it myself. Check out my press page to see what I mean.

Getting Started in Finding Hidden Treasure

1. Go to

2. Figure out which fund or person is featured in the issue.

For example, look at what is inside the July issue of Value Investor Congress because you need to first know what’s inside in order to find it.

In the July issue there are two main features.

  • “First Pacific Advisors” and
  • “David Ellison”

Ignore people names, in this case David Ellison, because it’s easier to find content based on unique names such as the fund name. That means I am going to search for “First Pacific Advisors”.

3. The search term to plug into Google is:

value investor insight First Pacific Advisors pdf

You’ll see this in the search results. Notice how there is [pdf] at the front of the result and in the description you see references to Value Investor Insight as well as the fund name.

Click on the link and you’ve just found yourself half of the July issue for free.

Learn how to use Google properly to find amazing stuff.

If you try to search and the results don’t show anything, you may want to be even more specific.

Instead of searching for value investor insight First Pacific Advisors pdf, you can use quotation marks to define a stricter search rule.

“value investor insight” “First Pacific Advisors” pdf

Try it.

Also, note what the file name is. I searched using “value investor insight” but from the looks of the file name, it has the date and “vii”. You could try a new set of search terms using “vii” instead of  “value investor insight” and see if you get anything new.

Is this Legal?

I wouldn’t share this if it wasn’t.

To address concerns about whether this is unethical, I went to First Pacific Advisors’ website and on their media page, they have the same PDF link available for people to download and read.

Other funds do the same thing. Go to their website, they will have the links available too.

This is just an efficient way of tracking down and gathering the information without visiting website after website.

So there you have it.

Use this technique to search specific content. Get the name of a resource you want to find, figure out what is inside the issue, use proper search keywords to narrow your results and then enjoy a cup of coffee while reading the content.

Enjoyed this tip?

Feel free to share with others and leave a comment about what you think.

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