19 Finance and Investment Tools for Faster Research and Easy Money Management

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In today’s world we need everything done faster and better.

The computer age has made us so dependent on technology. In a way it’s good because we can now focus on our work and let our tools do the heavy lifting.

The following list are websites to help you research faster and manage your money better.

That way, you can put your attention on what really matters;

  • time
  • friends and family
  • building wealth

Caution: don’t waste too much time going through every site. It’s best to use the sites that will benefit your style of research. NOT to waste time fiddling around with everything. It’s so easy to look up and realize an hour has passed and all you’ve done is surf the web.

So without further ado, here are the best investing and finance tools to help you get things done faster.

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The Best Site for Conference Calls

Earnings Cast


Veteran investors know that listening to earnings call can provide invaluable investing insight. You can detect whether the management team is over optimistic, whether they are straight talkers or more like salesmen.

This is where EarningsCast becomes an indispensable resource.

With EarningsCast, you can follow companies, add them to a personal feed and set alerts so you never have to hunt for a call or jump through form hoops again.

(Website Link)

The Top Site for Deep Revenue Analysis



The promise of Trefis is:

Trefis helps you understand how a company’s products impact its stock price.

This site basically helps users analyze the revenue streams for the companies that are covered. Instead of just seeing a single number that represents revenue, you can see how it is broken up.

You can also adjust the growth of revenue segments to come up with new valuations for what the stock would be worth.

(Website Link)

The Top Earnings Estimate Site



Estimize is where you can check out what people are expecting the EPS estimate to be. It’s mostly for next quarter earnings but the point of the site is to show how better regular folks can estimate EPS over analysts.

The Estimize community consists of anyone interested in the financial markets and wants an open platform to develop their track record, track their performance, and contribute to the broadest and most robust financial data set.

In other words, Estimize is a crowdsourced system for estimating earnings. It’s performed better than analysts to date.

(Website Link)

Best Site for Wall Street Jobs and Financial Training

Street of Walls

Street Of Walls

This is a site for people looking for work in Wallstreet, but their training section is awesome for education.

Our mission is to help you get a job on Wall Street. This site is not just another job board. We offer a free finance industry-specific evaluation which allows you to prove your skills to employers.

The site provides training to help you become top talent regardless of your background.

(Website Link)

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Best Personal Finance Site



Mint is great to keep a handle on your personal finances. Investing is awesome, but at the same time, it’s also important to keep your personal finances in check.

Mint is versatile enough to help anyone’s money make sense without much effort. There’s no wrong way to use it, and nothing to lose getting started. You’ll be surprised how life-changing something so simple can be.

You can also connect to Mint securely and have it pay your bills automatically.

(Website Link)

The Top SEC Filings Tools on the Web

With XBRL, many companies are coming out with ways to make SEC filings and search easier and better.

The only blow is that the US House of Representatives have passed a bill where companies making less than $250m in revenue are not required to file using XBRL.

SEC Live

SEC Live

A much easier and FREE way to read SEC filings and keep up to date.

At SEC Live, we believe in the power of great design. We have invested countless hours in creating a beautiful, simple, and clean product that removes any technological hurdles–so that you can focus on what you do best: research companies.

If you regularly peruse SEC filings this is the tool on top of the list to try out.

(Website Link)

Rank and Filed

Rank and Filed

It can be very daunting and time-consuming when it comes to reading the SEC files. Rank and Filed is a great site to make reading Sec filings easier.

Here’s what Rank and Filed is in their own words:

It’s like the SEC’s EDGAR database, but for humans.

(Website Link)



This is a fee based service but has to be included because it’s very clean and so easy to use. Just enter a ticker into their search bar and you’ll get a list of all the filings in a very easy to read and search format.

BamSEC organizes SEC filings.

Simple as that.

(Website Link)

The Best Finance Portal Sites



Lots of market data and visualizations. Much better than most of the other bigger finance sites.

You can browse through all available stock data. There are filters, signals and stock screens you can use to sift through all the information.

(Website Link)



Great site for stock analysis, 5 years of free financial data and fundamentals.

The articles are better than most sites but they focus on mostly large caps.

(Website Link)



GuruFocus.com is quality value investing site offering lots of data and analysis and place a great emphasis on what the “guru” investors are doing and holding.

(Website Link)

Top Asset Management Tools

The trend in finance nowadays is automated portfolio management. For people who want a passive method of investing, this is probably the best way to go with the lowest fees.



They rebranded their site. It used to be a pink pig everywhere, but they’ve switched their business model to be more focused on auto portfolio management.

Money never sleeps, and neither do we. Our unbiased algorithms are constantly monitoring your investments, providing a balanced portfolio tailored just for you.

You can also link up your brokerage accounts to track performance and other stats.

(Website Link)

Personal Capital

Personal Capital

One of the new and hot asset management tools on the market. You don’t have to sign up for any paid services, but you ‘ll be getting calls now and then to join their portfolio management service.

But if you just invest on your own, using their portfolio tool isn’t so bad.

When you become an investment client, we’ll match you with a team of advisors who will get to know you, your unique financial situation, and your goals.

(Website Link)



Same as the other two but I believe Betterment has been around longer.

Another choice to easily manage your portfolio and put it on auto pilot. 

Invest in a diversified portfolio of stock and bond ETFs designed for optimal expected returns.

You will save time and money because everything is automated with a low management fee.

(Website Link)

Best Data Visualization Websites

Bloomberg Visual Data

Bloomberg Visual Data

From MLB teams value, the 2014 World Cup and billionaires index, Bloomberg visual data gives you a visual representation of data making it engaging and easier to understand.

It’s still young, but the content is extremely rich and you can easily understand the data which would be impossible if it was all listed on a table.

(Website Link)



A visualization tool from the XBRL consortium to show which companies and industries have filed with the SEC.

XBRL has been on the move for several years now and is growing, however it took a recent hit when the House of Representatives announced that companies with less than $250m in revenue don’t have to file using XBRL.

That’s 60% of all public companies. We’ll see how XBRL overcomes this. Until then, it’s not a technology to rely 100% on.

(Website Link)

The Top Charting Websites

Trading View


This easy to use charting website will give you real-time information and vital market insights. A great software for charts.

The best on the web stock charts and a community of investors who are passionate about sharing trading ideas.

With just one click you can view live charts and annotated articles submitted by community members.

(Website Link)



Still has a clunky early 2000 user interface, but it works and is one of the most popular sites for charts if you’re into technical analysis.

Who thought making high-quality financial charts could be so easy? We have the tools, educational information, expert opinions, and support you need to understand the markets. Just remember that while anyone can use our free tools, only subscribers have access to our most powerful features.

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