Free Competitor Comparison Spreadsheet using Google Docs

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Free Competitor Comparison Spreadsheet

Free Competitor Comparison Spreadsheet

A Gift For You – Free Competitor Comparison Spreadsheet | Flickr: Brett Jordan

Here is Where You Can Get the Free Competitor Comparison Spreadsheet

I have a treat for you today.

Google Docs has come a long way from when it first came out and new features are being updated more often these days.

It still isn’t enough to replace excel for the OSV stock valuation analyzer, but I’m seeing good things.

One of the great features of Google Docs is the function to import data directly from websites. It’s not the easiest to use because unlike the awesome SMF add-in, the import feature is not very flexible or controllable, but it’s fantastic for what it can do.

A Free Competitor Comparison Spreadsheet on Google Docs

I’ve created a competitor comparison spreadsheet which allows you to compare the key statistics of 4 competitors side by side.

Usage is very simple.

Enter the stock tickers in the “Dashboard” page.

The spreadsheet will automatically collect data and display the results in the “KeyStats” worksheet.

How to Get It

1. First you MUST have a google docs account.

2. Go to this link or copy and paste it in your browser.


3. Go to File and then select “Make a Copy”

4. You will then see the file in your google docs folders

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5 responses to “Free Competitor Comparison Spreadsheet using Google Docs”

  1. kbb121 says:

    Thanks for sharing. I can not make a copy. It only allows save option.

  2. Gregory P says:

    A couple of comments:

    – You left Logu Venkatachalam’s code in there for valAlerts.
    – finviz.com is not a terribly reliable place to use for sourcing your data.
    – You do not have to fetch all the values using the Array entered formula’s, you can use the GAS scripting to fetch what you want using the Url Services, XML Services or Soap Services features. There is a LOT of flexibility in there for whatever you would like to do.
    – If you like SMF enough you could just reverse engineer the code into GAS script to replicate the same functionality.
    – You are not going to get much out of Gsheets unless you are willing to dig into GAS coding. Only there will you find the flexibility you will require.
    – Let me know if you want some advice on using Gsheets, as I have used it quite a lot.

  3. Gregory P says:

    I doubt you would not find enough flexibility or controllability in the use of this object. I think you would find it too flexible or controllable.

    If you were to creat your own SMF type library, then you would easily be able to control the data use, and communicate with a cache server containing the data you use.


  4. Jason says:

    Thanks Jae.
    It works and will come in handy.

  5. you are right about the flexibility. My problem is that it is too flexible to maintain control. I’ll have to start thinking about your points below too. Interesting, I didn’t realize google docs could be so powerful if done correctly.

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