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While cleaning out my Google Drive, I came across an old spreadsheet I was tinkering with but never finished.

Until now.

It’s a very simple RSS stock news aggregator via google spreadsheets.

The idea with the spreadsheet was to reduce the number of clicks and pages you have to visit in order to check news headlines.

At the moment, with a portfolio you have on finance sites like Google Finance, Yahoo Finance or Seeking Alpha, the headlines related to the stocks in your portfolio are all listed sequentially.

The problem with this is that the headlines for unpopular stocks are constantly pushed down the list.

If you have AAPL or TSLA or any of the popular stocks, the entire list is just filled with AAPL which I find utterly annoying.

Does this look familiar?

AAPL Dominated News on my Google Finance Portfolio

News for my small to mid cap stocks are no where to be found.

Here’s how it looks on Yahoo Finance for these stocks.

Sample Portfolio on Yahoo Finance

No micro caps in the list, but still…

Nothing but TSLA and DDD

I’m surprised RMCF even made it on the list.

The examples are exaggerated somewhat, but you get the point.

So my idea was that it would be much easier to keep track of stocks if the news were actually organized on a per stock basis.

Something like this.

News Organized for Each Stock | Enlarge

If you look at the AEY example, the latest news for AEY was on Nov 19 and then followed by Feb 3.

That’s a huge gap.

But at least this way, you get a much better idea of how things are going. Plus you are less likely to miss out on potentially important news. It also makes it easier to review what happened in the past too.

No more scrolling to infinity to get past the galaxy of AAPL and TSLA news.

Get Your News Aggregator Spreadsheet for Free

To get the spreadsheet for yourself, click this link to load the spreadsheet and then follow the instructions below.

Spreadsheet Instructions

Copy the spreadsheet to your account by going to File > Make a Copy.

Then enter any name and once you press OK, it will make a copy to your Google Drive account.

Make a Copy to Your Account

Then in the main worksheet, follow the instructions on the page. The only input fields are the yellow boxes.

Main Page to Enter the Tickers

All other fields will be updated including the stats that comes from Google Finance and the RSS news headlines.

Click the “NewsAggregator” tab at the bottom to see the news headlines for all 10 stocks side by side.

Click the Link Followed by the Go to Link to Open the URL

There you have it. A nice simple spreadsheet with basic company stats and news articles that you follow in an organized manner.

To get the Piotroski spreadsheet as well as other downloads and resources, click the image and complete the form. I’ll sent the goodies to you right away.

download the piotroski spreadsheet

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