More Free Value Stock Screeners

For those who read this blog primarily from their RSS or email, you may be interested to know that I’ve been quietly adding more stock screeners. You may also highlight a row by clicking on it.

The total of number of stock screens available now comes to 10. I update these screens once a week, sometimes twice.

Overview of Value Stock Screeners

Each value screen provided on this website has been researched, backtested and also tested with a paper portfolio to verify the theory and results. These are all customized screening strategies that you won’t be able to find on sites such as Yahoo, Zacks or Google.

Each stock screen is predefined. This means that you cannot adjust values to create new results. What you see is what you get.

The screens cross several categories/strategies, namely;

  • Asset based screeners
  • Valuation based screeners
  • Cash Flow based screens
  • Profitability based screeners
  • Quality and Value based screens
  • Share count based screens

New value screens are researched and tested but will only be included when it proves to be successful.

The stock screens are updated roughly once a week. Companies do not enter and exit the results quickly so it is not necessary to update it every day.

How to Use the Stock Screens

Select any screen from the left menu to view the full details.

Stock results are limited to 30 stocks. More than 30 will lead to decision paralysis and potentially information overload. It is best to work with 30 stocks and try to go through the company that catches your eye.

You can save the screen results to your computer by clicking on the “download results” link located at each screener page.

Screen Settings

Each stock screen will have references to articles I wrote discussing the performance and how the screen was set up. However, I am continually tweaking and adjusting the settings and conditions to improve the screen. Every adjustment may not result in a better performing screen, but stability, reliability and accuracy are just as important which is what I am aiming for.

Use the articles as references only. Do not take it as the holy grail of the screens you see here.

Backtesting Results

All backtested results are proprietary information and will not be discussed.

Available Value Stock Screens

Altman Z Score

Graham Checklist

Graham Formula

Cash Return on Invested Capital CROIC


Insider Buys

Low PE Expectations

Negative EV

Net Current Asset Value (NCAV)

Net Net Working Capital (NNWC)

NNWC Increasing

Piotroski Best Combination

Piotroski Original Formula

Share Buybacks

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