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Investing and Finance Spreadsheet

Investing and Finance Spreadsheet

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Here at Old School Value you can find the best investing and finance spreadsheet for free.

If you are a Benjamin Graham fan, try out the Benjamin Graham Formula Spreadsheet.

Or you can use the DCF valuation spreadsheet available in both the 10yr and 5yr version.

You can also value a company based on its assets using Ben Graham’s Net Net stock spreadsheet.

Or analyze financial statements with this automatic and free financial statement spreadsheet.

Don’t forget to compare competitors with a competitor comparison with industry numbers as well.

Other Free Investing Spreadsheets

If you are in need of a fast loading automatic spreadsheet for your buy or watch list and you don’t want to load up your browser each time, you may want to check out this spreadsheet on Gummy Stuff. It’s a great complement to what I have up here. The only limitation is that it only retrieves data that is available on Yahoo.

The site is also full of other interesting spreadsheets and finance tutorials written by a retired math teacher of Waterloo University. Although the site is a little hard to navigate, I recommend you to take a look. There are spreadsheets to basically keep track of everything.

I’m afraid this guy just put me out of a job…

Here are a few screen shots to whet your appetite. All available at Gummy Stuff.

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