4 Checklist Posts Worth Your Time

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I posted an old investing process guide and checklist of mine the other day on facebook and it got plenty of clicks so I’ll share the whole series with you.

This one is all about checklists.

Save it, print it, use it.

Investment Checklist for Stock Selection

An investment checklist based on a flow diagram. Also includes a list of items to do at each step of the analysis process.

15 Points to Look for in a common stock

The original checklist by Philip Fisher. This is a list of 15 questions you should ask for qualitative research.

40 Point Stock Selection Investment Checklist

This is an extended stock analysis checklist covering many aspects.

52 Techniques for Finding Fraud

The mother of all checklists. This is an advanced checklist because it requires lots of digging into the financial statements. The central focus is to uncover signs of fraud so any failures is a red warning flag.

Pick Winning Stocks and Fatten Your Portfolio