3 Quality Investing Lessons and Videos on this Good Friday

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This weeks links come from Value Conferences, run by the guys at The Manual of Ideas.

Quality, quality stuff here. Don’t expect anything else from these guys.

I’m positive you will enjoy these and you will definitely take something away after watching the videos.

Investment Presentation on Amerco (UHAL) by Kerrisdale Capital

Sahm Andrangi is the guy who has become famous by shorting Chinese reverse mergers.

His fund, launched in July 2009, was up 787% net of fees through December 31, 2012, trouncing the S&P 500 Index, which is up 67% during the same period. I don’t think any fund has been able to match their performance over the same period.

Why Investing in Cyclical Businesses can be Very Profitable

Rahul Saraogi, managing director of Atyant Capital, makes an eloquent case for cyclical businesses, not because he believes them to be superior in quality to franchise businesses, but because some cyclicals possess attractive but overlooked business model features.

A Compelling Special Situation Investment in Asia

Benjamin Koh, who graduated from Stanford University in 2002 and founded Lighthouse in 2008, is one of the best “undiscovered” investment managers in Asia.

He discusses why he likes K1 Ventures so much and the specific drivers of this investment.

How to Get Up to Date Video Presentations from the Best Investors

If you like these videos, you should check out the presenters for upcoming events at Value Conferences.

Had you signed up and took action in investing alongside Kerrisdale Capital when they presented their thesis on UHAL at $130, you would be sitting on a nice gain which more than covers the cost of the event.

If you prefer to wait and see what videos come up for free, visit beyondproxy.com.

Somehow I got on their mailing list so I’m enjoying the quality content they send me.

Good Friday Reflections

It’s been a busy seven days.

  • My car window was broken and the thief took off with my computer bag. Also turns out he broke another nearby car window too. Thankfully, I left my laptop and important stuff at home so I just lost my favorite bag. I’m still monitoring craigslist hoping that he puts the bag up for sale online.
  • My wife’s happy 31st birthday.
  • Seattle saw its first snow of 2013 which lasted for about an hour. But I was scurrying to buy frozen yogurt, then eating it in the cold and somehow caught a cold which in then decided to turn into something else and I lost my voice for a day.

But, today is Good Friday and to me that more than makes up for everything. If you are unfamiliar with Christian traditions, today marks the day Jesus died on the cross as a sacrifice for us.

This brought me back down to earth from wanting to punch that thief in the face.

After all, it was my fault for leaving my bag in the car and the poor guy must have really needed the money. Just like how Jesus forgave me, the only thing I can do for that guy now is to forgive him and hope that he gets a few bucks out of my bag and uses it in a good way.

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, have a good weekend and enjoy the material.

I’ll be out taking photos of the cherry blossoms in Seattle and practicing on my punching bag, just in case ;P

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