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Thanks to for this.

If you are struggling with how to read and interpret the filings from the SEC, I’ve got a treat for you.

In case you didn’t know, you don’t have to read to everything in the filings. There are sections that you can skip.

There is a detailed, yet widely under utilized post on old school value that  details the 10-K and Proxy statement.

But, looks like there is a great resource of videos, powerpoint and homework pdf (yes homework to make you better) on reading and interpreting the SEC filings.

This resource was created by Michelle Leder of One of the best when it comes to SEC filings analysis and combing through the filings of companies for information that most people miss or don’t understand.

Here’s the original page.

SEC Filings Analysis Master Class Shortcut Links

Video and PPT Slides

The Homework (PDF Files)

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