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For the past month, I’ve been working, writing and designing a free ebook for stock valuation to give out to Old School Value members and visitors. It covers all the valuation techniques contained in the OSV Stock Analyzer as well as this blog.

Valuation is important, but it is not black and white.

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It is an art.

Every valuation method requires assumptions and inputs and value investors do not like having to project numbers. I am one of them.

However, it is a necessary evil.

Make realistic assumptions and the inputs are acceptable. Do not use numbers to match what you want the output to be.

Your role as an investor is to be a realist. Not an optimist or a pessimist or to have your views confirmed.

I have people who disagree with the methods I use to value stocks, but that’s because I take a practical and real world approach to valuing stocks. Stocks are valued in all sorts of ways and in the book, you will learn 8 valuation techniques that I use frequently to value stocks.

The most recent example is the post on Friedman Industries. I showed you the NCAV, NNWC, EPV and EBIT multiples which are valuation methods independent of each other.

If you are a current member of old school value and you want to maximize your results, get better results but most importantly save more time by knowing how to really make it work, I provide the details in the book.

For non-members, I believe the book is still relevant to you too. I go through a step by step process of how to use each valuation method, examples and illustrations for you to do it on your own.

Table of Contents of the Book

Valuation Ebook TOC

Valuation Ebook TOC | Click to Enlarge

Sample Chapters – Graham Net Net Stocks and the Graham Formula

Here is a page from the sample chapter. Click the image to enlarge and use one of the links to read the rest. If you are reading from email, come to the website to see it properly.

Valuation Ebook Sample Chapters

Valuation Ebook Sample Chapters | Click to Enlarge

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