Using Old School Value As a Reverse Stock Screener

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Stock screeners are a really useful tool for finding and quickly evaluating new ideas. Reverse stock screeners help you take a list of specific stocks and compare them.

Old School Value has a robust stock screener tool that has pre-defined filters from popular and successful investors and strategies, as well as the ability to customize and build your own.

For example, if you’re a dividend investor, you might create a screen that filters on dividend yield, dividends per share growth rates over various time horizons, debt levels, and relative valuation.

But did you know we also have a way for you easily perform a reverse stock screen?

Reverse Stock Screening

What the heck is a reverse stock screen?

Well, instead of taking the universe of stocks and filtering them through your criteria, you start with a few stocks you want to analyze, and then compare them based on your criteria.

Let’s take a look at an example using the FAANG stocks.

Just enter your list of tickers in the OSV search bar and hit “enter.” 

Old School Value Reverse Stock Screener
Using the Reverse Screener | Enlarge

You’ll then get to see each of these stocks’ key metrics. Just click on the headers to see the OSV Action Score Ratings, key valuation ratios, earnings estimates, etc.

You can use this to see which, if any, of the stocks you’re interested in might be worth investigating further.

You can see based on these Valuation metrics, for example, that Netflix and Amazon are quite expensive, but that both Apple and Amazon have Action Score grades of “B,” with FB not far behind.

From here, you can evaluate many other metrics and dive deeper into any company you’re considering investing in.

It’s just a helpful way to quickly see the key stats of some companies you’re interested in that not many people know about. Enjoy!

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