The Finest Collection of Value Investing Checklists

You’ve heard the importance of using investing checklists.

But how many people *really* use them?

That’s because it’s a hassle to create. You have to slow down your thinking, acting and get back to the basics of going through books, documents, and other educational material to create a list that is actually useful.

Then there’s the problem of creating a list that’s too long where you end up having to answer hundreds of questions. After the first time, you probably never look at it again.

I have a very easy to use investment scorecard that I reference when looking at particular stocks.

But for other things, you’ll need something more extensive.

And that’s what I have for you today.

download investing checklists

What’s Inside this Checklist Package?

Over the years, I’ve found a lot of really bad and useless stuff which people post on the internet.

But this is a collection of 9 checklists that I’ve kept. It contains valuable information and education on what to look for stocks.

The checklists contain:

  • Investing principles
  • Ben Graham rules
  • Checklist to write an equity report
  • Stock picking checklist
  • and more

I’ve shared some previously but with so many articles on this blog, it’s difficult for people to find it, so this is the full package download that gets my stamp of approval.

How You Should Use These Investing Checklists

The first thing to understand is that everything will not be relevant to you.

Delete the ones that aren’t relevant.

Now, the checklists are fairly short, so browse through the documents and then grab bits and pieces that you know you are weak at.

Then combine it to make your very own “weakness” checklist or any other checklist that you need.

What I’ve found is that it’s more important to create checklists that cover your downside and weaknesses as opposed to going over everything single detail.

My idea of a checklist is to keep it as short as possible and to prevent blow ups. Not to go through hundreds of things with lower importance.

That’s called a manual. Not a checklist.

You may take 5 hours to complete a checklist and end up feeling obligated to buy the stock, simply because you did all the hard work and know so much about it.

Download the Checklists

To get the checklist collection straight to your inbox, click the image and complete the form. You’ll get the links to your inbox.

download investing checklists

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