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What You’ll Get Here

  • 18 value blogs I follow religiously
  • 3 quality news sites
  • 20 best investment books
  • 13 value added twitter users
  • 6 additional resource pages

“What books should I read?”

“What blogs should I follow?”

“Who do you follow?”

Very common questions that I get all the time so here are list of favorite value investing resources.

This is NOT a complete list of every resource on the internet. This is a compilation of the resources that I personally read and visit regularly.

With these types of lists, there will be hundreds of sites, books and people I leave out, so if you have one that you want to share, please leave a comment on the blog.

18 Value Investing Blogs I Read Religiously

High quality bloggers don’t post too often and I don’t like to get overwhelmed with content. I’ve found that these 18 blogs are very easy to manage.

Plus, the reason why I read blogs is to supplement my thought process and to get in the mind of other bloggers.

From the list, there are only a few that offer stock ideas. Most are related to thinking.

Check out these bloggers who are definitely passionate, smarter and better than I.

3 Investment News Outlets

I don’t like news.

It’s all negative stuff to gain readers or viewers.

It’s easier to ask news junkies what’s going on in the world or markets and get a shortened response instead of watching an hour of noise.

But I do follow these 3 sites to quickly go through headlines when I’m browsing. They filter out all the crap content so it’s very easy to manage and read good quality stuff and interesting stuff.

20 Investment Books to Transform You Into a Great Fundamental Investor

Here’s how I approach investment books.

I try to maintain a “core” set of foundation books that I can go back and reference or read to brush up on certain topics. Technical books like accounting and financial analysis and ones that helped strengthened my mental game.

In sports, the best athletes have more than technique. They always have a solid approach to the game, understand situations and have nerves of steel.

That’s how we should approach investing.

Then, from the core set of books, I branch off towards more specific areas of fundamental investing.

Visit this page for more details. It’s the official page of the best investment books.

Easy = can read quickly and easy to understand

Intermediate = slower reading, requires thinking on application

Difficult = very techincal and detailed, notes required, more than 1 reading needed

Before we get into my must-follow Twitter list, please click on the image below to get the best free investment checklist to make things easier or organized for you.

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13 Twitter Investors to Follow and Their Best Tweets

Because there are so many fine value investors on Twitter, it’s hard to list them all. I could literally list hundreds.

The Twitter timeline vanishes so quickly that it makes it difficult to capture everybody.

So I’ve resorted to selecting the people on my list that I regularly read, have a certain number of followers, are seen as authorities and offer plenty of value in a noisy social media.

News accounts and users who don’t engage were excluded.

Here are my favorite Twitter users and their best tweets.

6 Additional Value Investing Resource Pages with Tons of Content

Word of caution: there is a TON of info and material in these pages. Beware.

Some have hundreds of links. Honestly they are great resources, but be warned that it may be too many.

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