2015 Q1 Stock Screener Performance and the Best Stocks So Far

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The market hasn’t done much this year and with any quarterly performance updates, 3 months is too short to jump to any conclusion.

In the first quarter the S&P just stayed in positive territory at 0.95%.

The Russell 2000 and small stocks did much better at 4.32%.

And how did value stocks do?

Take a look at the performance of the value stock screens so far.


2015 Q1 Value Stock Screen Performance

Not that great.

First, if you want to skip the commentary and jump straight to the list of stocks and data, grab it below by clicking on the download button.


I use these screens as a personal way to gauge the market as a whole, the screens cover several different strategies. So when I see the  majority of the screens under performing the markets, it’s a sign that things are tough out there and serves as a reminder to focus on valuation and patience in order to maintain a successful portfolio.

In terms of which screen is best, you can see that the Altman Z screen is coming first which continues it’s impressive run from last year where it returned 25.2%. It goes to show that the Altman Z isn’t quite useless as many modern papers claim it to be.

The Altman Z components make it a very useful measure of business quality.

To get a deeper understanding of each component, check out the understanding the Altman Z formula post.

Now to bring you up to speed with the other value screens, here’s a look at the performance for each screen over 15 years.


15 Year Stock Performance for Each Value Screen | Enlarge

Although the annualized performances may not blow you away, that’s because I keep all my test results very conservative.

Wherever possible, I’ve either discounted or penalized the screens compared to the benchmark so these are essentially real life returns that you’d expect if you were to follow them.

The Altman Z Stocks of 2015

Here are the 20 stocks that make up the Altman Z screen for 2015 sorted by performance. Click to enlarge the image.


The 20 Altman Z Stocks for 2015 | Enlarge

As a side notes, the one stock that catches my eye here is Skechers (SKX). From the last time I used it as a DuPont example, it’s been on a massive run.

It’s good to see Bio-Reference Labs (BRLI) in the list as it’s a company that I am currently waiting for. A great little company with a solid business.

I also own a small position in Cal-Maine Foods (CALM) which is a play on the egg cycle. It’s the largest producer and distributor of eggs in the USA and I know that eggs are a commodity, so it’s a stock that I monitor more often compared to my other holdings.

The CROIC Stocks of 2015

CROIC (Cash Return on Invested Capital) is a variation of ROIC that is a great indicator of management performance and business strength.

It’s actually one of my favorite screens to get ideas from because a lot of the companies fall in the category that I look for.

With the screen up just nearly 5% for the quarter and beating both the SPY and Russell 2000, it’s a bonus list for you to look at.


The 20 CROIC Stocks for 2015 | Enlarge

Bonus Spreadsheet with All the Stocks

Here’s a spreadsheet that contains all the data for the stocks contained in both screens.

To get the spreadsheet and a look at all the stocks in detail, simply click on the download button.




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