A Performance Update on the Top 10 Stocks Chosen by Value Investors

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With so much drama and noise in the news, I had forgotten about a certain portfolio that I track.

A portfolio constructed of community voted stocks, which I call crowd investing.

At the end of the year, investors enter a short stock thesis which people can then vote up or down. The top 10 are then virtually purchased at the beginning of the year.

I have a hidden page that explains all this plus the performance. It’s hidden because I want to gather more data to decide whether to continue this or to scrap it.

Here it is anyways – the annual 10 best stocks.

YTD Performance of the 10 Best Stocks Chosen by Value Investors 2013

I track the performance of this yearly portfolio by using what I believe to be the best free stock portfolio tracking spreadsheet. It’s nothing fancy, but it has everything that 90% of investors need.

Here’s how the crowd investing best stocks are doing.

2013 YTD Total Return

This is a 100k portfolio and so far it’s under-performing the market with a return of 13.9%.

2013 Crowd Investing Portfolio

Best Stocks Performance Details

Thoughts on this Portfolio

This is a mixed bag of stocks and includes companies that I normally wouldn’t buy, but overall, it’s not a bad bunch. Sure it’s not as good as a simple index, but good nonetheless for long term holding.

However, looking at the performance of the holdings, there is a good chance that my original thesis for starting this idea was incorrect.

The original idea was that a small group of value investors will be able to pick stocks that do well. Much like an investment club. But instead of 10 stocks, the total number of holdings should be set to 20. An individual that focuses heavily on research is suited to 10 stocks, but for something like this where the stocks are purchased and rotated after a year, more “buffer” or protection is needed by expanding the portfolio holdings.

From the holdings, you also get a sense that the OSV community likes larger cap stocks despite all the small caps I write about.

I’ll try to mix in bigger cap stocks into my articles.

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