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Welcome to September.

Say what?!?


That’s a little girl tasting coke for the first time. Addicted for life I guess.

Now that’s a moat.

August 2017 has been a difficult time for so many in the US.

Hurricane Harvey destroyed Houston and thousands of families have to piece together what they have left and figure out how to restart.

My heart goes out to anyone impacted by this.

At Old School Value, we kicked butt in August. We pushed our latest update to Old School Value and we have already moved onto our end of year phase to make OSV even better.

This time around, we added things like:

  • New portfolio tracking feature
  • Two new quality checking models
  • Better note to track your stocks
  • You get full access to data exports
  • New training sections
  • and more

Our team at Old School Value is always making improvements to the Online App to help investors with limited time, fatten their portfolios.

It’s Free to use for MSFT, AMZN, AAPL, BAC and RHI.

Now onto this month’s edition of curated links.

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