Old School Value Nugget Fest (Feb 7th Edition)

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Mike Errecart

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What we’re reading

A review of Seth Klarman’s warnings about the current state of the markets from his annual letter. [marketfolly]

Peter Lynch: 13 Filters for Finding the Perfect Stock. [Acquirer’s Multiple]

Netflix is so confident in its position it is effectively stating that if customers choose to watch TV, they will choose Netflix. [Stratechery]

The rationale, philosophy, and process of investing for the long-term. [Behavioral Value Investor]

Don’t think of your investment time horizon, but consider how sensitive you are to new information. [Morgan Housel]

We are not as good at selling stock as buying them. [Barry Ritzholtz]

The desire to just hold conflicts with a recognition that volatility creates opportunity. [Greenhaven investor letter, PDF]

The historical valuation premium [between US and Foreign stocks] has been ZERO. [Meb Faber]

Efficiency is great in an unchanging environment, but to expect an environment to remain static is unrealistic. [Farnam Street]

Algos & others aren’t causing market moves to happen faster than in the past. [Ben Carlson]

The art of decision-making. [The New Yorker]

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