Old School Value Nugget Fest (May 30th Edition)

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Markets & Investing

  • Our Systematic Value Philosophy (Flirting with Models)
    My favorite article this week. It looks at different value factors as well as uncompensated risks value investors face like industry concentration and timing and tries to construct a portfolio that’s neutral to all that noise. You’re unlikely to implement their strategy, but there’s a lot to learn that you can apply in your own investing process, I think.
  • Precious Metals Investing: GLD vs GDX (Fat Tailed and Happy)
    “Precious metals investing in GLD would have received nearly a 100% return on investment from 2006. Miners, despite this strong rally, have fared poorly, losing nearly 50% of their value. Returns in GDX have generally lagged those of GLD, particularly when gold prices fall.”
  • Trouble in Hong Kong – part 2 (PDF)
    I didn’t wake up this week worrying about Hong Kong’s USD reserve adequacy. I like to read this kind of stuff both to learn more about the world but also to remind myself to stick with what I know. And on that note…
  • Think Before You Fish for Bargains in Chinese Stocks (WSJ)
    “One component of return swamped all others in predicting returns: whether the total supply of shares was contracting or expanding.”
  • Liquidity of a Plasma Market (PDF)
    “Financial risk models often remove the most extreme statistical outliers to create mathematically tidy and statistically convenient representations of risk arising from movements in asset prices. “


Company & Strategy Analysis

Quote of the Week

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Video of the Week

Investing In Overpriced Markets (w/ Howard Marks) | Interview | Real Vision™ [9:51 minutes]
Legendary investor Howard Marks, co-founder and co-chairman of Oaktree Capital Management, explains how he invests successfully, fully aware that nothing is a sure bet.

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