Xmas is Here Early. Buckets of OSV Online Upgrades.

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We run a very lean and tight shop at Old School Value and we conclude August with a bang.

We’ve got a long list of upgrades to share with you that you’ll be excited about.

Let’s go.

Better Note Taking

We take a step by step approach with implementing new features.

Rather than create something and jump out from  behind the curtain and yell “tada”, we prefer to make small and continual improvements.

Since we launched the new portfolio/watchlist tracker, we’ve kept improving it and now you can add and edit notes much easier than before.

When you go to your portfolio, you can add notes or import it directly from a csv. We’ll be making further improvements so that notes you add for any stock will be displayed throughout the app.

There has been a few requests to add public/private note sharing, but I’m not sold on the idea and how many people actually will use such a thing. After all, notes are supposed to be private – aren’t they?

Easier Viewing of Data

Compared to when OSV Online first came online, the growth in data that we store and calculate on a daily basis is increasing exponentially.

In the screener alone, we store over 6000 different data points.

With that comes more responsibility to make sure we don’t lose focus on “feature bloat” and start to overwhelm you guys.

Improve the way you view results

Improve the way you view results

Now to make data analysis easier, use the full screen view to see your portfolio, screener or stock database results in full window without being cramped inside the app.

Full Screen Pop Up for Easier Data Analysis

Full Screen Pop Up for Easier Data Analysis

Export Full Data via CSV

You can now export the financial statements and get a csv file to dig in deeper.

We don’t scrooge around with the data either.

I get emails from people telling me that old school value is too expensive. And it is for the people who have very small portfolios, do not invest much or don’t value the time saved.

But with exports like this where you get over 700 lines of financial statements and calculations done for you, it will save you hours of tedious calculations and data compilations.

Dense Financial Statement Data Export

Dense Financial Statement Data Export

Break Down ROE with the DuPont Analysis

One of my favorite tools is to deep dive into the make up of ROE.

Two companies may have the same ROE, but they are never identical.

But which one is better?

That’s what the DuPont analysis reveals and it’s now live for you to use.

Compare DuPont Analysis Between Competitors

Compare DuPont Analysis Between Competitors

You can change the competitors and get a better idea of where your stock stands among the competition. I found countless new and better ideas by comparing with competitors.

Then you can dive deeper and see the details like this.

DuPont Analysis of AAPL

DuPont Analysis of AAPL

All of this, you can use on the demo. Free to use for AAPL, AMZN, BAC, MSFT and RHI.

Further Reading:

Detect Quality of Earnings with Accrual Analysis

The second quality model we added this time around is the Accrual Analysis.

It’s an advanced model.

If you’ve taken the CFA exams, you’ll know.

If you haven’t – it’s a model to determine the quality of earnings by analyzing the accruals of the financial statements.

Cash accounting is nice, but it’s not a true reflection of the business.

Accrual accounting is nice, but it also introduces some bad accounting practices.

This accrual analysis model helps to uncover how the company is growing earnings and the quality of the earnings.

We’ve also included the Sloan ratio. Check out how it can help you analyze stocks.

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Improvements to Charts

One area that has lacked in Old School Value are easy to use and customizable charts.

We are taking things in the right direction as we continue the coding to support our planned chart upgrades.

The improvements are visible in the portfolio charts. Place your mouse over the interactive chart below of the INVEST1000 portfolio.

We’ll be applying these changes throughout the app and to the new charts section we have planned. But we’ll take it up a notch by adding customizable functions you’ll be glad to use.

New Training Section

We try to make detailed valuation and explanations available via the documents but I get that it’s hard to understand via words. The new training section currently contains short overview videos to get you started quickly.

More detailed videos and previously recorded training videos will be available shortly.

new OSV Online video training page

new OSV Online video training page

We’ve also added buttons throughout the app to play videos if you want to see how things work for a particular feature.

Click to play the matching video

Click to play the matching video

Other Invisible Updates Include…

What you see above are the big updates this time around.

What I don’t mention, which my team deserves full credit for also include:

  • Full overhaul of how data is updated
  • Lots of lots of bug fixes. It is summer after all. (Get it? Bugs… summer… ????)
  • Screen for average margin of safety across all valuation methods
  • Screen using accrual data points
  • Speed improvements
  • User experience improvements
  • Chart upgrades
  • Video creation
  • Document updates

Final Thoughts on Old School Value

If you are already an OSV Insider, go to the app and you want to clear your cache as we have made a lot of changes and moved some things around.

Click on CTRL+F5 to clear your browser cache. I don’t know what the combination is for a mac.

If you are not a member, our focus at Old School Value is to make the investment analysis and valuation process easy.

Recently, I had my new home floors refinished.

The original plan was to do it on my own. I rented the sander, polisher, lots and lots of sandpaper and about $1,000 worth of other tools for this and that.

I’m not bad with my hands, and I calculated that I’ll be saving $2000-3000. But after spending 15 hours and only getting 10% of the work done, I gave up.

The work was difficult, tedious, the tools form Home Depot are no good and I was doing a 3rd rate job. I called a flooring guy to take over and for $4,000 he finished it in 4 days, made it look new.

It was such a good job that I was ashamed of all the shortcuts I was going to take from being overwhelmed, tired and frustrated by doing it on my own.

Things like not taking the doors off to get all the way to the edges, leaving the baseboards on, not prepping the areas properly and so on.

What I realized again is that to save at most $2,000, I would have spent 3x more time, more energy, more frustration and anyone would have figured out it was a bad job.

Yes, you can do all the data collecting, valuation, analysis, update spreadsheets, enter calculations and the difficult and tedious work on your own.

But the high likelihood is that you’ll focus so much on the “work”, you won’t get into the real analysis and thinking required to make good investment decisions. The cost of your time and work involved will far exceed the monthly price to get it all done for you.

You are always entitled to a full money back guarantee and you’ll see how quickly your investment thinking improves, analysis skills accelerate but best of all, makes your life easier and convenient while making money at the same time.

Check out the live preview of AMZN, MSFT, BAC, AAPL and RHI.

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