AAPL Price Target is $600

The below analysis came to my attention because the user is a premium member of Old School Value.

I know that AAPL is written about all over the internet, but Einhorn is loading up shares for a reason and there is always enough room for value focused write ups.

I also want to highlight for current OSV members to take a look at how this user is utilizing the spreadsheet in his analysis and other tools such as the EBIT calculator.

The link below is for a PDF report.

AAPL Target Price is $600

Here are the topics covered in the report.

  • Investment thesis summary
  • Company description
  • Key figures
  • Why the bear case is most likely wrong
  • Apple’s strong and growing moats
  • Valuation – what’s in the price today?
    • Peers
    • Multiples
    • Reverse DCF
    • EPV
    • DCF
    • EBIT multiple analysis
  • Conclusions
  • Apple’s cash and potential uses
  • Pre-mortem: a summary of risks and negatives

Click to open the PDF report or click the image below.

Source: http://klarmanite.com

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2 responses to “AAPL Price Target is $600”

  1. LBG says:

    Hey Jae – The analysis by this gentleman is very thorough and well thought out. I just read another Apple recommendation from a well respected newsletter, but the analysis was less analytic and not as through. The OSV excel tool real adds more depth to the analysis. Great job !

  2. Makes me proud to see investors make use of the full potential and use it to analyze data instead of confirming their ideas.

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