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By joining and contributing to the value investing forum that is available at Old School Value, we are able to provide ideas, constructive feedback and at the same time, profit together. In other words, open source investing.

While many of the stocks that are discussed here deal with small caps and sometimes thinly traded, we are still able to enter a position at a great price because, simply put, we don’t have millions or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Which is why we find great opportunities, whether they are good or distressed opportunities and then let the slow big boys come to us.

So here are some potential opportunities presented by members of the investing forum.

Recent Discussions and Stock Analysis

Acme United Corporation (ACU)

Valuing ACU – Acme United Corporation (Using 5-year OSV spreadsheet)

Acme United Corporation is a supplier of cutting, measuring and safety products to the school, home, office, hardware and industrial markets.  Been around since 1867!

A few comments:

Revenue has increased every year since 2002, even through the tough times of 2008.  2009 will be very close but they might squeak out another increase.  Looking through the 10-Q, the company lost a large order during Q3 which explains the lower sales during the TTM.


Gravity Co. (GRVY)

a short write up on GRVY, a Korean game developer that is trading at 73% of cash on their balance sheet.

The company got a new CEO last year, who seemed to have turned the ship around, however, some new difficulties have arisen (in the cons section)


– The company has a very strong balance sheet, numbers from their latest 6-K

Cash: 55M

Total current assets: 72.6M, with only 6M in accounts receivable, so current assets of high quality

Total liabilities: 18M


KapStone Paper (KPPC)


The company has growth book value by about 24% in 2007,2008, and 2009. Also, the CROIC has been 21%, 5%, and 24% respectively. I averaged the CROIC and I come up with a growth percentage of 17%. I will be reducing the free cash flow growth by 10%. I read F Wall Street (Thanks Jae)  and in his DCF analysis, he lowered JNJs growth by 5% annually. I decided to be more aggressive as the growth is higher. Here are the numbers:


Solitron Devices (SODI)

I would just like to share a long position which I added to my portfolio this week. It concerns Solitron Devices.

Solitron Devices is a manufacturer of Semiconductors for military, extraorbital and industrial purposes. It produces analog vs digital semiconductors (I dont quite know the difference, I lack a BA in engineering).

The reason I bought this stock is because it is trading at a 30% discount to NCAV. I believe the assets in place are of high quality. Its current market cap is 4,97 million. After subtracting all liabilities it has (roughly) 3,5 million in net cash.


American Lorain Corp (ALN)

I have been following American Lorain (ALN) because it has given a good return on Equity and developed its sales and revenue. Furthermore the company has little Debt. The company it’s trying to make it’s products to brand names, which I see as a big plus.

I the following I will make a short presentation of the ALN.

ALN is a food manufacture with production in China. The company products are categorize in three products groups: Chestnuts products, convenience products and & frozen, canned and bulk products. The revenue is conducted from China (26 regions), Japan and Korea and 43 other countries.

Financial Facts for 2008:

Revenue:         $132 millions

EBIT:               $20.93 millions


AOL Spinoff


No positions at time of writing. ACU and GRVY looking yummy though.

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