Morningstar Vs Old School Fair Value Estimation

Just out of curiosity, I was checking out the Morningstar fair values for my companies and surprisingly, they were all very close, minus AEO. So just for fun, here is a comparison of the intrinsic values between the companies I have written about on this blog between Morningstar and my fair value calculator. Small caps are not covered by Morningstar, so I have left them out.

(Morningstar fair value estimates as of Nov 19, 2008)

Morningstar vs Old School Value

ETN (published Nov 17, 2008)

Morningstar: $81 | OSV: $77

DPS (published Oct 28, 2008)

Morningstar: $28 | OSV:$25-$32

KSWS (published April 16, 2008)

Morningstar: $19 | OSV: $19.86

AEO (published March 11,2008)

Morningstar $22 | OSV: $37.37

So in the spirit of having some fun with stock valuation, it doesn’t seem like I need to bother with a premium Morningstar membership. I get pretty much the same quantitative assumptions with 100% control. You too start saving time and value stock quickly and automatically with the stock valuation calculator.

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