Value Investing Resources that are Practical and Usable

Practical and Usable Value Investing Resources

Value investing resources will continue to be added to this page.

At the moment, in addition to the articles on this value investing blog, this page will hold a list of articles, pdfs and how to’s that fit more into the “general” category of value investing.

Value Investing Checklist Resources

Investment Checklist for Stock Selection

An investment checklist based on a flow diagram. Also includes a list of items to do at each step of the analysis process.

15 Points to Look for in a common stock

The original checklist by Philip Fisher. This is a list of 15 questions you should ask for qualitative research.

40 Point Stock Selection Investment Checklist

This is an extended stock analysis checklist covering many aspects.

52 Techniques for Finding Fraud

The mother of all checklists. This is an advanced checklist because it requires lots of digging into the financial statements. The central focus is to uncover signs of fraud so any failures is a red warning flag.

Value Investing Resources (PDF Links)

Old School Value Investing Magazine (PDF)

On this page, if you have a twitter or facebook account, you can download the 30 page PDF, simply by tweeting or posting a status on facebook with the link.

Words of Wisdom by Value Investing Insight (PDF)

Value investing insight offers great value investing resources in the form of newsletters. This PDF is a collection of wise words from famous fund managers.

The Value of Not Being Sure by Seth Klarman (PDF)

A timeless article written by Seth Klarman. It’s articles like this that make you help you reset your perspective of investing.

Margin of Safety Book by Seth Klarman (PDF)

A direct link to the $1,000 book, Margin of Safety.

Old School Value on Scribd

For more value investing resources and helpful material, visit my scribd page where I upload all my investment related pdfs.

Other Value Investing Resources

The Intelligent Investor Audio Book

To be honest, the intelligent investor is not an enjoyable or easy book to read. It is on the list of every best value investment book list, but seeing as how new investors will find it difficult to understand and finish, download and listen to the audio version instead.

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