Interview with Seth Hamot by Ankit Gupta

July 7, 2010 | Comments (2)

Wanted to pass on this fantastic interview by Ankit Gupta of Selected Financials.

Ankit continues to blow me away with his investing passion, thirst for knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. All while completing his studies in university. I found the content of this interview absolutely bloody brilliant due to the caliber of the questions.

What is your fund’s underlying approach? What wrong do you right in the markets?

I want to find companies going through a transition. Eventually, that transition will translate into others seeing that the company will be worth more than they originally thought. It might be divesting a cash burning division, or new credit facility, or maybe the company just did a merger or acquisition allowing the business model to be leveraged, etc. The objective is to NOT be an activist in these situations…  Read more

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  • Ankit Gupta

    Jae – you rock man, thanks for the kind words. It’s refreshing to hear compliments every now and then and I really appreciate it, keep up the good work.

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